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Review by Gary Hill

I previously reviewed a set from this act and liked it quite a bit. I'd have to say that this one is stronger. That disc was quite wide ranging, and this one is equally so. I'd say that this one represents different musical textures, though, from metal to Americana, alternative rock, shoegaze, singer-songwriter zones and more. It is particularly strong from start to finish, but there are some highlights. Purusa have really topped themselves with this set. I can't wait to hear what they do next, but until then, we have this great set.

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Track by Track Review
A cool little introductory build-up gives way to more of a powered up alternative rock jam. There are definite country or at least Americana elements in the mix. This is such a classy tune. It makes for a strong opener.
My Love
This song is so powerful. It has a driving energy along with some seriously soaring musical textures. There is a bit of a metal edge in some ways, but also some hints of shoegaze. All in all, this powerhouse cut really works particularly well. As good as the previous number was, this more than surpasses it.
There are hints of The Beatles on this, along with a lot of 80s rock in a great way. The soaring, dreamy elements call to mind a lot of 80s Euro-stuff, but there are also things here that make me think of Cheap Trick. In particular the guitar riff that drives a lot of the piece rings that bell. The guitar solo section, though, is more in line with the electric output of Neil Young. The shoegaze thing is heard a bit here, too.
Maybe I Know
Starting with a mellower movement, this works out to more of that Americana meets alternative vibe like we heard on the opener. This has some great musical moments and some cool textures. It gets into some seriously hard rocking zones as it continues driving forward.
Another melodic alternative rock vibe opens this. There is some old-school blues rock built into this thing as it drives forward.
Come Home to Me
More fully in a singer/songwriter meets alternative rocker vein, this has some really evocative moments. In fact, it's probably the most emotionally powerful tunes of the set. It's also a real highlight of the disc. A little piano bit serves as a nice closing shot.
Hold Your Fire
The drums lead this out with a cool rhythm. Guitar rises up bring a meaty, funky kind of rocking sound. This thing grinds out into some seriously energized and meaty hard rock. It's another standout track.
Light the Bomb
A rather melodic tune, this is a harder that works well. It has plenty of catchiness built into it. This isn't one of the highlights of the set, but that's more about how good some of the rest of this stuff is.
A burst of hard rock opens this title track. The cut works out there is more dropped back alternative rock sound. They power it up and drop it back throughout a lot of the cut. This brings back some of that cool soaring, dreamy element at points. This is a great song that's among the best material of the set.
Salvation Prize
This has some killer guitar fills. There are some great 90s rock elements driving the piece, too. I like this thing a lot. It reminds me of INXS to some degree. This has such a cool groove element to it. It's a excellent choice for closing, capping off a strong release in style.
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