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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Professor Louie

and the Crowmatix - Songs of Inspiration

Review by Gary Hill

I've reviewed quite a bit of music from this act over the years. This new set seems based more on gospel music. I guess the title should give that away to some degree. Still, the group always has a lot of roots music in the mix, so it's not a big stretch. There is a healthy helping of Zydeco and more on display at different points, too. While I think I prefer some of their other releases, there are some tracks that work really well. I wouldn't recommend this as a first impression disc for this act, but it's a good addition to the catalog.

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Track by Track Review
I Shall Not Be Moved
Piano is a prominent feature as this cut begins. The vocals bring in a real gospel approach. This is very much a roots music exploration. The synthesizer later brings something more modern and different to the proceedings, though.
Up Above My Head
This piece has a real retro gospel revival type of sound to it. It's classy, classic and energetic.
I'm On My Way
I dig the organ that leads this track out. The number works to a bluesy kind of groove that is so tasty. In fact, this is definitely a highlight of the set. It's just so cool and powerful.
Rivers of Babylon

Mostly vocal, this has plenty of old-school gospel sound in the mix. I like this alright, but it's not really my thing. Still, you have to admire the wall of voices.

You'll Never Walk Alone
There is a soulful vibe to this version of this cut. The arrangement is quite retro in tone with a lot of organ in the mix.
Open Hand Open Heart
I love the bluesy groove to this number. This is another standout piece. The energy and general vibe are both packed full of magic and style.
Glory Now
I dig the bluesy rocking element at the heart of this song. The track has plenty of retro gospel sound in the mix, but is also one of the most modern sounding things here. The Zydeco elements really drive this.
Melody of Peace
There is a healthy helping of Christmas reference to this number. The piece has a real gospel element at play, but tempered with more of a bluesy rock sound.
Motherless Child
A really tasty soul music groove brings this into being. This is one of the stronger tunes here.
Angel Band
This has a stripped back arrangement and a lot of old-school gospel built into it.
Daughters & Sons
I love the electric guitar on this tune. The track brings a real rocking blues element to close the set. This has a lot of old-school rock and roll at its core. This is definitely my favorite number here.
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