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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

The Pink Dust


Review by Gary Hill

I have landed this EP under progressive rock. Don't expect old-school prog, though. This lands more in the zone of shoegaze. There is plenty of alternative rock in the mix. However, it still has psychedelia, space rock and more. I'm often reminded of a modern take on old-school Pink Floyd. However you label, this, though, it's strong.

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Track by Track Review
Rising up gradually, there is a real shoegaze kind of angle to this piece. The dreamy, almost space rock qualities work well. As it drops to the mellower zones, this has some real alternative rock meets prog vibes built into it. The cut gradually drives upward from there. I can hear hints of early Pink Floyd in this, but tempered with more modern alternative rock.
I'm Gone
While the alternative rock angle is more dominant here, this piece still has plenty of psychedelia in the mix. The moody overlayers bring bits of shoegaze to it. This is slower moving, but more evocative, than the opener was. I can still make out some of those early Floyd things here. This is another strong piece.
Things That Matter Most
Keyboard type sounds open this piece, again bringing a proggy, psychedelic element to it. The same mix of alternative rock and more proggy things remains here. The keyboard sounds on this bring more of a electronic prog edge, though. This is slow moving and moody. It's also really cool, and perhaps the most blatantly prog rock thing here. It's a real standout.
Lonely Still
Another that starts mellow, this builds out into more of a moody modern prog sound as it continues. This remains mellower and moodier than anything here. It has a real spacey, psychedelic edge along with a rather electronic side to the sound.
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