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Progressive Rock CD Reviews



Review by Gary Hill

I have landed this set under progressive rock. I can see some people disagreeing with that. It is clearly proggy, in a modern prog way. The closest comparison is probably to Tool, but these guys have their own sound. This could also fit under metal perhaps. Whatever you call it, though, this is strong music that works well. There are a couple short interludes amongst the longer songs, adding to that proggy aspect.

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Track by Track Review
The rhythm section brings this in dark and a bit trippy. Echoey elements come in over the top of that backdrop. Vocals join after a bit. The piece has a dark, somewhat subdued alternative rock vibe with progressive rock edges. It's moody and very cool. It shifts toward metal with an extreme edge later, but the melodic choruses bring more of that prog aspect to it. The one complaint I have is that the rocking movement before it drops back to a mellower section to end gets a bit repetitive and seems to drag on a little too long. Beyond that, though, this is a killer song.
This is a weird bit of electronics and sound-effects. It's just a short interlude.
The Fallen
Strange and dark, this has a psychedelia meets metal vibe in some ways. I'd consider this progressive rock, but built on an alternative rock frame. There is definitely a Tool vibe to it in some ways.
Starting on acoustic guitar, this climbs upward with a modern progressive rock edge to it in some ways. The dark vibe is present here, as it is throughout the set. The powered up movement is less dark and has some psychedelic prog sounds built into it. The number grows and evolves as it moves forward. It's perhaps the most decidedly prog rock based thing here.
This is another short, strange interlude.
A hard rocking, dark stomper, this still has plenty of progressive rock built into it. There is definitely a metallic edge to it, too. Tool is a valid comparison on this number, as well. The piece is one of the most dynamic numbers here, making its way through a number of shifts and changes. It gets very heavy at times. It has a real epic vibe to it. It is also epic in that it's the longest piece of the set. It makes for a very satisfying closer.
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