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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Under the Veneer

Review by Gary Hill

This is quite an intriguing set. It's built around an old music box, and you can hear that presence very clearly in some of the music. In other tracks it's subtler. All of this is electronic music, a bit like Synergy and other electronic artists of the 1970s. It's all instrumental and quite prog oriented.

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Track by Track Review
Left Alone
I dig the cool energy and groove of this cut. It definitely makes me think of things like Synergy. It's a classy electronic piece. We're taken through some cool directions with this composition.
Deception Pass
A mellower cut, this really does feel like a music box, but with an electronic vibe to it. It's pretty, a bit spacey and feels like it's longing for bygone eras.
Under the Veneer
Another that's trippy, this has a bit of a space music energy to it in some ways. It's another powerful piece of electronic music.
Prelude To Fall
There are some killer electronic grooves built into this thing. The tune is lush and quite powerful. It's one of my favorites here.
A bit mellower, there is almost a fusion edge to this one in some ways. There is a dreamy, trippy vibe to it, too. It gets more energetic further down the road.
Morning Lull
You can really hear the music box concept here. It becomes quite classical in nature in large part because of that. There is a real gentle magic to this number.
This does feel a little mischievous or at least playful. There is a real haunting vibe to it somehow, as well, though. It's a all class and one of my favorites of the set.
On the Mend
This isn't a big change, but rather another effective mellow electronic journey. The music box features fairly prominently on this one. It does get more synthesizer based and soaring as it intensifies further down the road.
Tetradic Sea
Energetic and lush, this is pretty and poignant.
Last Dream
There is a bit of a twisted or tweaked kind of sound to this one. It's strange, but also quite cool. There is definitely a music box feeling to this, particularly later as it turns less strange. Still, there is a dream-like quality throughout. At about eight-and-a-half minutes of music, this is also an extensive piece, allowing for some variety and change throughout.
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