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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Jordan Whitmore

Good Things

Review by Gary Hill

This set is quite strong. It has both modern sensibilities and classic sounds. The vocals are effective  throughout. There is quite a range in sound, with Americana, folk music, country and more in the mix here. Everything here is strong, but some stuff is better than others.

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Track by Track Review
Something Different
Acoustic guitar drives this number as it works out of the gate. The vocals come in over the top. It has a bit of a country edge, but overall is a folk tune though much of its length. The arrangement fills out as this moves along, gaining instruments volume and energy. It becomes more of a pop rocker during that part of the piece.
All My Might
Coming in with a stripped back arrangement, there is a rocking element that seems ready to jump in. It gradually works its way up as it moves forward, but it's not a straight-line approach as it drops back down, too. While never really rocking, this gets into some dreamy, trippy zones later.
Changing Your Mind
That dreamy element is on display here, but with a real country vibe driving it. It's echoey Americana based stuff with some serious twang. It's a classy cut.
What If
Coming in rather mellow with a folk edge, this grows upward in intensity and volume as it drives onward. It has a real folk rock meets country music angle to it. There is a real soaring element at play here.
Good Things
I dig the cool retro rock groove that drives the title track. This is a pop rock tune with plenty of vintage rock sounds in the mix. Yet it's all delivered with a modern edge. Whatever you call this, the number is a bit funky, very cool and one of the real highlights here. That makes it a great choice for title track.
I Wish You Would
A balladic cut, this is very poignant. It is evocative and rather soaring in the lush arrangement. It's slower than the other music here, and mellower than most of it, but that doesn't make it lackluster. In fact, this is another of the highlights of the disc. There is a real country folk edge to the piece. I generally think closing a set with a slow tune is a mistake. This one is so strong, though, that it makes it work.
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