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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Acoustic Black

In a Different Light

Review by Gary Hill

While the music here is acoustic-based, it really has a punk sensibility. It's a hard rocking set that is cool. It does have a tendency to get a little samey at times, but overall works well. This is rather unique and intriguing. More than anything, it's a lot of fun.

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Track by Track Review
Destiny Ride
This feels like you jump into a song that's underway, but it feels way back in the distance. After this opening bit the cut is reborn with a more upfront mix. The tune has a classic rock meets punk sort of vibe to it. There are some hints of ska as it drives out later.
Less mainstream, this has a cool punk rock sound to it. There is a bit of an art rock edge to the quirky arrangement, too. This is energetic, quirky and a lot of fun. Some mellower dropped back sections lend some contrast to the piece.
Do You Wanna Dance
Earning a bit of a parental advisory, this tune has some Latin angles along with some ska. It's a punky tune, but even has some raps built into it. It's quite entertaining.
Drinking the Night Away
There is a great punky energy to this rocker. It's fast paced and fun. It feels like a love song to alcohol. It has a dropped back movement to bring some variety to the piece.
Wasted Nights
This melodic tune is more mainstream rocker than punk based. It's a lot of fun and brings some variety.
Crazy Love
There is a Spanish music element to this cut. There's a tastefully oddly timed section built into this, adding an artsy quality, too. This number doesn't follow a straight line, but it lends some real variety because of that. Some horn work later lends more of that Spanish vibe.
Mr. Lan
There is a real emo element on display here. The cut has an intriguing arrangement. It earns a real parental advisory. This is definitely a NSFW cut, including some rather provocative sound-bites in the mix.
Energetic and melodic at the same time, this is more mainstream rocker than some of the others are. I love some of the guitar lines on these. They weave some real magic.
Feel So Free
This is another slab of melodic hard rock. It's not a bad tune, but the formula is starting to wear a little thin by this point.a physical self-love aspect to the lyrics, too. That's a theme that has shown up before on this set.
My Song
Mellower acoustic guitar opens this. Whistling joins it as the number moves forward. As the vocals enter, it's obvious that this is a ballad. As such it lends some timely variety. This is one of the stronger cuts here, too. It tends to go on a bit too long, though. The whistling gets a reprise late in the song.
Energized and fun, this has a great groove to it. It's not a big change, but coming after the ballad, there is suddenly a freshness to this. Here's another song that feels like a love song to alcohol. There is definitely
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