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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Matt Lande

Don't You (Forget About Me) (digital single)

Review by Gary Hill

This new single is a cover of the classic song from Simple Minds. The tune still holds up well, and this is a well done performance. My only issue is whether there is a point to this. I guess it's one of his favorite songs, and perhaps he sees it as paying tribute. To me, if you are going to cover a song (unless you are a tribute act) you really need to make it your own. If you just recreate the original what is the point? I mean, the original still exists, so why does anyone need your version? You might have a different opinion about that idea, so your mileage may definitely vary here. For me, this is done incredibly well. I'm just not sure why it was done at all. It's just too similar to the recording to which it's paying tribute.

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Track by Track Review
Don't You (Forget About Me)
This comes in feeling so much like the original that it's a little scary. As it works out there are some fresher angles to the sound, but really it's almost a dead ringer for the Simple Minds version. There are some electronic elements later that seem a bit newer, and the bridge seems a bit more expansive. Overall, though, this can often pass for the original version. While that's a tribute to the talent involved, I'm not sure (at least from my point of view - see the overall review) that it does much to establish a reason for this version's existence. Your mileage may definitely vary, though.
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