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Review by Gary Hill

I need to point out one thing at the start of this review. I am in no way going to comment on the political content of this release. I review music. I often steer completely clear of lyrics, anyway. When it comes to political messages, I do not take a stand in general. I don't want Music Street Journal to become a political site. We are a music site. So, with that out of the way, let me say that I am a big fan of D.O.A. and look forward to their new releases. This might be one of the strongest. Given some of the competition, that says a lot. This seems to embrace their hardcore roots a bit more firmly than some of the other recent releases have. If there's a complaint, it's that is very short (less than twenty minutes of music). Still, it's strong enough that it leaves the listener wanting more, so that's not necessarily a bad thing. As you might guess, a lot of this earns parental advisories (showcased by the edited title to one of the songs in the online version of Music Street Journal). I haven't listed them track by track, but will just go with a general warning for the whole set.

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Track by Track Review
All The President's Men
With a heavy guitar sound built into the opening, there is a spoken voice over the top of that. They fire out from there into a serious hardcore punk jam from there. It's furious and angry. The shouted backing vocal is a great touch, and the whole cut really harkens back the heyday of hardcore.
Wait Till Tomorrow
Drums lead this out of the gate. The other instruments join and we're out into another powerhouse hardcore jam. This is another screamer. This thing gets so fiery before it's over.
It Was D.O.A.
There is a short spoken bit at the start of this. The group work out from there to another frantic hardcore jam. This isn't as far as the previous two cuts, though. It has more of a Ramones meets Sex Pistols vibe in some ways.
Just Got Back From The USA
More of a mid-tempo (for this album) stomper, this has some catchy hooks and really rocks like crazy.
F***ed Up Donald
This frantic screamer is angry and on fire. Listen to the bass line on this thing. It is worth some special mention, but the whole tune rocks.
My My, Hey Hey
I definitely make out more of that Ramones sort of thing here. Of course, it's a Neil Young cover, so you can hear that side of it, too. Both of those things out the way, it's also trademark D.O.A. This is just so classy, too.
Gonna Set You Straight
I love the fierce sound on this thing. It has some angry vocals that are somehow also catchy. The arrangement is classic punk angst.
It's Treason
Another screaming hot and fast hardcore punk tune, this is a great way to end the set in style.
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