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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Thomas Charlie Pedersen

Daylight Saving Hours

Review by Gary Hill

Thomas Charlie Pederson is no stranger to Music Street Journal. I've previously reviewed his band Vinyl Floor, but this is his solo release. This set features music that is generally set in the neighborhood of folk music. It typically features either piano and voice arrangements or acoustic guitar and voice ones. There are some songs that have other layers added, but that's the basic construction of all of it. There are a couple of instrumentals, too. This is reasonably effective throughout, but does get a little samey at times. Still, there are enough standout tunes to lift it.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) in Music Street Journal: 2020  Volume 3. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
To a First Love
Piano and vocals create the basic concepts of this number. There is a strangeness to it along with a sadness.
The Meriwether Pull
Here we get a slightly more energized acoustic guitar based folk styled tune. This gets a parental advisory. I like the layers of sound that come over the top later. They bring something special to the piece.
Intricate picked guitar is at the heart of this song. The mellow folk stylings are rather classic. Backing vocals add to the mood.
Green Plateau
We're back into piano and voice styles here. This balladic piece almost has some hints of The Beatles in the songwriting.
The World is Not Your Oyster
I like this folk tune a lot. It's based on acoustic guitar with some classical strings over the top. It just works better than some of the rest.
Sad to See You Go
This is a very short (less than a minute) acoustic guitar led song.
Must Be the World
This acoustic guitar ballad has a lot of folk music at its core. It is one of the more effective pieces here.
The Witty Moniker
A short piano based number, the arrangement on this is much fuller than on some of the others. There are lots of strings adding to the magic and majesty of the tune. I'd consider this instrumental to be one of the best pieces here.
Stay True
I like the vibes that the over layers of sound bring to this. Overall, it's a slow moving, mellow balladic folk tune. It's pretty, and one of the stronger cuts on the disc.
Blood Moon
With multiple layers of vocals, this is another acoustic guitar based piece. It's not bad, but also not a standout.
The Freewheeler
A very traditional folk song element drives this cut. It has some great over-layers of sound. It earns a small parental advisory.
At the End of the Day
A piano and strings musical arrangement is at the heart of this. The tune feels rather melancholy.
Faithful Mistress
Another acoustic guitar song, this is alright, but not a standout.
Daylight Saving Hours
I love the powerful piano melodies on this tune. There is a real classical tone to this. Other elements join after a time, lending more magic to it. This closing instrumental  is one of my favorites here.
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