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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Behind the Veil of Light

Review by Gary Hill

When I got this set to review, I thought it might be heavy metal. Certainly there is a lot of metal in the mix. However, this is keyboard-dominated instrumental music that really is progressive rock. Now, were these songs played in a guitar-based arrangement instead of the keyboard one, it probably would qualify as metal. Either way, though, this is quite effective.

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Track by Track Review
Ra in Thy Rising
A fast-paced riff brings this into being. It moves out from there to a frantic metal meets electronic sound with a bit of a pop rock edge to it. There is an almost proggy angle, too. The keys really reinforce that prog thing. This is quite a powerhouse with some great energy and melodies.
War Engine

Another powerhouse electronic jam ensues here. There are some killer melodies and a more metallic vibe emerges further down the road. This definitely fits in the vein of fast-paced electronic prog. I dig the cool shift later and the new movement that it creates. This thing gets back into fast-paced zones with a screaming jam.

Trees of Eternity

Starting mellower and melodic, the electronic prog concepts dominate the early modes. The cut fires out after a time to some smoking hot metallic sounds as it really drives upward and outward. This is definitely one of the most metal pieces here. It's also one of the most dynamic and one of my favorites.

Above the Abyss

A fast-paced keyboard section opens this. The cut shifts out to a powerhouse metallic jam from there. This is a fierce and furious cut that is still proggy due largely to the keyboard dominated arrangement. I really love the synthesizer exploration after the five-minute mark.

Divine Madness

While there is definitely a metallic edge to this thing, the main sound is keyboard-dominated. This is fast paced and has some cool riffs and textures. It's quite a powerful stomper.


Now this thing is full-on prog. Mind you, it's of the Dream Theater variety, driving and a bit metallic, but the progressive rock is out front on this.

The Secret Flame

The metal and electronic prog vibes really merge well on this furious number. It has definite neo-classical leanings and a lot of power and fury. It gets pretty fierce in the metal concepts with a driving, pounding element later in its run.

In the Name of Baphomet

This powerhouse screamer is absolutely on fire. It is definitely part metal and part symphonic prog. It's also quite crazed at times. There is a cool piano solo section late in the track.

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