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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Gary Husband & Markus Reuter

Music of Our Times

Review by Gary Hill

Both Gary Husband and Markus Reuter are legendary musicians who have been involved with many projects over the years. It's no accident that Husband's name comes first in this project. Sure, it should alphabetically, but even more so his piano work dominates the set. Reuter's guitar and electronics serve more as accompaniment. This set was recorded live, and it all leans toward a spacey, mellower zone. It's quite an effective disc.

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Track by Track Review
Colour of Sorrow
Piano brings this into being. The piano takes the cut through a number of varying modes without accompaniment for a while. Even when some guitar sound rises up, it's fairly sparse and intermittent. I guess the best description for this piece would be as a piano solo that has some guitar in the mix at points. There is a lot of spacey texture to the cut, along with both jazz and classical music in the mix.
Across the Azure Blue
Spacey, trippy piano elements are at the heart of this piece, too. This is even mellower than the number that came before it. The cut uses the guitar in much the same fashion as the opener did, but this is a much mellower and spacier piece than that was.
Music of Our Times
The guitar has a more prominent presence on this cut. The number makes good use of both musicians. It has a spacey element, too, but is a bit more powered up than the previous number was. There is a lot of drama and passion in the mix here.
A Veiled Path
The basic formula isn't greatly altered here. Instead we get another effective mellower piece of music that's based primarily on the piano.
White Horses (For Allan)
Very ambient and trippy, there is some unsettling space to this number. In a lot of ways this feels like it would be at home in the soundtrack to a horror or science fiction film.
Illuminated Heart
There is a lighter feeling to this. It has a bit of  dreamy sense of magic to it.
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