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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Guy Grogan

Same Morning Light

Review by Gary Hill

I previously reviewed another set from this artist. In that review I remarked that it probably wasn't for people who like a high level of polish to their music. Well, this one does have more of a polished sound. It's also a better release for it, I think. There is still enough edge to keep it from feeling anything but genuine. The roots elements work well, and the set varies enough from its core to make it shine throughout.

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Track by Track Review
Same Morning Light
I love the driving guitar texture of this number. It has a real folk rock element to it, calling to mind the electric folk movement. There are things like dream pop built into the arrangement, though. This is packed full of Americana. It's also very cool stuff.
The Wind Will Blow Us Home
Another folk based cut, this loses the dream pop edge, and a bit of the rocking angle. It's a solid tune that reminds me of Roy Orbison and Tom Petty just a bit. The slightly echoey guitar solo section is a nice touch.
Stay on Fire
I like the way the piano presence on this tune lends a different angle to it. This is built around moody folk-driven music.
Couldn't Live Without
We're back in the zone of more rocking stuff here. This is another tune that works pretty well, but is not what I would call a standout. Still, it does bring a bit of variety. I do like the dramatic, harder edged movement quite a bit.
When It's True
One of the best pieces here, I love the delicate, somewhat whispered vocals at the start of this tune. The guitar sound is acoustic, but leaning toward a dreamy, soaring kind of vibe.  The whole tune has a great dreamlike quality to it.
Which Only Life
There is a lot of 1950s rock and roll built into this thing. The cut has a nice balance between more rocking and mellower zones. It's another highlight.
Better Off
Continuing the trend of strong songs, this has a real drama and energy to it, despite landing a bit short of rocker. That said, it does rock out a bit more as it continues. There is a definite Latin music hint at times on this.  The classic Americana built into the number is classy.   
Low Tide Skeletons
Slow and powerful, this has a lot of Americana at its heart. It's also another highlight of the set. It's just so classy.
Back to the Sunrise
I can hear more of those Tom Petty hints on this number. It's more of a straight rocker. it's solid, but not a standout. Then again, it's hard to really shine as strong as the last few songs were. The piano break section is cool.
A Chance to Keep Today
Now, this is a different angle. It's a mellower cut with an almost proggy edge to it. It has a lot of layers of sound creating its magic. It's another highlight. It is slow moving, intricate and beautiful.
Not Your Hero
Americana and trippy near prog tendencies merge here. This has a melancholy edge and some great musical moments. It's a classy tune that doesn't quite make it to the level of highlight, but comes really close. I really dig the harder rocking stuff as it works toward the end.
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