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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Nicole Mercedes

Look Out Where You're Going

Review by Gary Hill

I'll say right out front that this is perhaps not the most obvious choice to land under progressive rock. The music is largely electronic, though, and has proggy vibes to it. There is even a tune that calls to mind Radiohead. However you label this, though, it's effective and interesting. It never feels redundant, either.

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Track by Track Review
Last Hike
Keyboards and vocals make up the musical concept here. This mellow, electronic and rather pretty.
Coming in quite mellow, this tune gets a bit more energy as it grows outward. It's a dreamy kind of piece.
Another trippy electronic piece, this is classy stuff. It has a nice energy and great melodies.
While this isn't a huge change, it has a more pure prog type sound to it. It's somehow more delicate. It's also one of the highlights of the set.
This piece is a bit more rocking than the others here. It really reminds me a lot of Radiohead. This is decidedly proggy, but in that more modern way. It's another standout.
I love the dreamy kind of vibe of this piece. There are some lush arrangements and pretty melodies here.
At Ease
While not a huge change, this is a particularly effective piece of music. While gentle, it gains intensity as it continues.


A big change, this is much more of a folk music piece. It's less electronic and more organic. It's no less compelling, though. It's a nice bit of variety and a dreamy way to end things in style.
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