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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

The Lickerish Quartet

Threesome, Vol. 1

Review by Gary Hill

Do you remember the band Jellyfish? I was a huge fan of that band. This new act has three guys who were in Jellyfish, so I was interested before I ever heard any of this music. The EP does not disappoint. This feels quite a bit like that band, but with some different angles, too. That group always had a real progressive rock angle to their sound, and this is sort of like pop prog in a lot of ways. Whatever you call it, though, be sure to check this out.

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Track by Track Review
Rising up gradually, this works out to a killer power-pop meets prog jam that is so cool. There are Beatles elements at play here. This is such a fun cut, and it's so effective.
Bluebird's Blues
The opening section here brings a dreamy, proggy nature. The cut shifts to more of a stripped back tune that has a lot of Beatles in it. There are hints of ELO in the mix, too. The overlayers of sound often bring proggy things to bear. I really hear a lot of Jellyfish on this along with plenty of Beatles-like stuff. A dreamy, jazzy bit serves as the outro.
There Is a Magic Number
This is arguably more pure prog than anything else here. The cut has some pretty standard pop rock at its heart, but the elements that augment the sound are very proggy. There is a break that really feels so much like Jellyfish that it's scary. I love the cool guitar solo on this thing, too.
Lighthouse Spaceship
Bouncy, pop rock vibes are on hand here. Those are mixed with some space rock and prog. I'm reminded of Klaatu in some ways. There are hints of ELO, too. This is a fun pop prog piece that is so classy. It has some killer hard rocking guitar, too. It might be my favorite here, making it a great choice for closer. The ELO-like movement at the end is so classy.
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