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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Jon Durant

and Robert J├╝rjendal - Across the Evening

Review by Gary Hill

I've reviewed some things by Jon Durant in the past. I've actually landed this under his artist name in the online version of Music Street Journal to make it easier to find in connection to those other articles. This set has a lot of interesting textures built into it. It's almost exclusively instrumental with an intriguing blend of atmospheric sounds, fusion, prog and more. It manages to hold interest and variety throughout.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2020  Volume 5. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
Early Evening Colors
Atmospheric textures bring this cut into being. The track grows outward from there in a cool electronic prog meets fusion way. The rhythmic elements here are intriguing and unusual. There are some rich musical tapestries built into this opening piece.
Distance Groove
As tasty as the opener was, this surpasses it. There is a rubbery bass type groove in the backdrop as cool sonic exploration brings spacey psychedelic texture over the top.
Reflective Sea
This piece really does feel reflective. There is a jazz element brought by the horn. Yet, it also feels symphonic. I would compare this most closely, though, to something that might be released under the Synergy banner. It's mellow, slow moving and beautiful. I suppose it qualifies as new age music.
A rhythmic groove brings this into being. Atmospheric textures rise up to complete the early picture. This eventually turns harder rocking with a real world music vibe to the melodic concepts.
Leading Indicator
This one also begins a bit atmospheric. It builds outward as it continues. As this thing evolves guitar paints some pretty interesting patterns over the top. The cut works through some intriguing territory and gets pretty rocking before it's over.
Beguiling Eyes
There is an intriguing sense of drama and mystery as this works outward. It has world music in the mix and almost feels like something that would fit as part of the soundtrack to a movie. The percussion brings some additional interest to it. This is an exploration that feels like a journey. It's such a cool piece of music.
On the Water
Much more atmospheric, the soundtrack reference is valid here, too. This is definitely classy, and a bit of a respite. I would also bring up the Synergy comparison on this number.
Return to Russia
There are some intricate guitar lines built into the fabric of this piece. The horn soars overhead in gentle ways. While the song remains largely mellow, it is dynamic and captivating.
Balkan Blue
This is the only cut with vocals. Those vocals are female and world music styled. They are not in English, so I don't know what they are singing about. They lend a unique flavor to the number. The tune has more of the atmospheric, textural sounds we've heard throughout in terms of musical arrangement.
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