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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Pete Kronowitt

Do Something Now

Review by Gary Hill

This new set from Pete Kronowitt shares a musical identity with the previous work of his I reviewed, It has a lot of singer-songwriter vibe. Perhaps this time around, it's more folk based. The previous set definitely had that element, but it seems more the driving factor here. That's true not only of the music. A big chunk of this ties to the folk music of the 60s and 70s in that it really is protest music. Fans of the current occupant of the White House will definitely have a problem with that message, but that really is a big part of the legacy and tradition of folk music. I like the way Kronowitt balances the more weighty serious tunes with lighter toned ones. Also, the set could have easily turned into a gripe-fest, but there is a hopeful nature to a lot of it.

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Track by Track Review
Stay Safe
Acoustic guitar opens this cut. The vocals come over the top of that. The number builds up a bit from the sedate tones that started it, but it never rises up all that far. It's a hopeful piece with a lot of bluegrass in it. The female backing vocals lend a bit of a softening element to the number.
We're All Gonna Die
More of an energized folk rock tune, this is fun. It's a nice change from the opener. It has some catchy hooks. It feels a bit like something Jimmy Buffett might do. This gets a bit of a parental advisory for the lyrics. I love the contrast between the rather depressing lyrics and the cheery, fun-loving musical arrangement.
Intricate picked acoustic guitar brings this into being. It's another balladic one with hints of country music in the mix as it works forward.
Do Something Now (acoustic)
I love the energy of this number. This feels a bit like something Arlo Guthrie might do. It's a motivating piece that earns a bit of a parental advisory.
Roly Poly
Energized folk music is on the menu here. This is another classy tune, but perhaps not as strong as some of the others. That said, it has some catchy hooks and perhaps makes for a bouncy interlude from the more serious tunes.
You Never Ever, Never Know
More folk rock based, this is has a lot of country in the mix. It is another that makes me think of Mr. Buffett a bit. The electric guitar brings some real change from the songs we've heard previously. Slide guitar is noteworthy on this number. 
Learn to Be
Country mixed with folk makes up the arrangement of this number. The slide guitar works well here. This gets another parental advisory.
Truth Will Set You Free
An electric arrangement brings a different flavor here. This is a bouncy rocker. Sure, it's still built on some folk-styled concepts, but this is almost more of a punk rocker than a folk song.
Are We Great Yet
This is another with a lot of rock in the mix. As you might gather from the title, this is a protest song that is likely to endear itself to fans of Trump.
Big Ole Stick of Wood
The mix of country and folk music is strong here. This is another that's a bit on the light-hearted end of the spectrum.
Do Something Now
A more rock based arrangement of the previous tune, this really does end the set like a call to action.


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