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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Introducing Eddy and the Falcons

Review by Gary Hill

Were I to categorize this based on the music here alone, it probably wouldn't fit under the progressive rock heading. I have put it there in part because their previous album landed under prog, and because of Roy Wood's involvement. That said, there are a handful of tunes here that fit under the prog heading. Apparently when the band were working on this second disc, they had planned a double set, with this being the more rock and roll disc. There was to be a second, proggier disc, but the label decided to just release it with the rock and roll stuff. This new edition includes the original album with several bonus tracks. There is also a nice booklet included. It should be noted that the previous album is listed under Roy Wood's name, while this one is under the band's name, because that was how they were listed on the discs.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2020  Volume 5. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
This is a bit of skit that features a couple people walking and commenting on Eddy. That gives way to a rock and roll tune delivered on the live stage, but less as an actually song and more of a audio clip from the back of a hall.
Eddy's Rock
There is a surf guitar meets jazz rock vibe to this. It gets some real old school rock and roll in the mix, too. This instrumental has some killer jamming and is really a winner. I particularly love the intricate acoustic guitar soloing over the top.
Brand New 88
A real old-rime rock and roll vibe is at the heart of this cut . It's a powerhouse stomper that seems like it could have come out in the 1950s. There is a bit of an Elvis meets Jerry Lee Lewis sound to the vocals. They take us into some jazzy jamming later in the tune.
You Got Me Runnin'
Another old-school rock and roller, this features some rockabilly guitar soloing and doo wop vocals.
I Dun Lotsa Cryin’ Over You
Here we get a tune that seems to really be channeling Elvis. This is solid, but not my thing.
This Is the Story of My Love (Baby)
The retro rock and roll is still all over this, but overall this has more of a proggy element, too. There are doo wop vocals on it, though. There are jazzier things at play, as well. While definitely retro based, this has more of a contemporary sound.
Everyday I Wonder
Now, this has sort of a soaring 1970s AOR prog rock sound built into it. It is driving, energetic and so classy. There is some killer jamming later along the road, really bringing that prog thing home to roost. Rock and roll piano joins at the end and slides it into the next number.
Crazy Jeans
Old time rock and roll merges with a healthy helping of T-Rex on this rocker. It's a fun and energetic piece.
Come Back Karen
Doo wop rock and roll drives this number. It's not one of my favorites, but it works pretty well. There is a bit of glam vibe to this later.
We're Gonna Rock 'n' Roll Tonight
A cool proggy twist on old school rock and roll, this definitely has an ELO vibe to it in a lot of ways. It's high energy and a killer tune that really works so well.
Bonus Tracks:
Rock & Roll Winter (Loony's Tune)

The old school rock and roll turned contemporary jazz concept on this number works pretty well. It has a real easy listening feeling to it, though. I can definitely make out some Beach Boys here, too. This song should have been one of those Christmas rock classics, really.

Dream of Unwin
This was the A-side of a single. I like the cool prog vibe of this number. The synthesizer really soars on it. The vocals don't come in until the song is nearly done. When they do, they bring more melodic prog to the table. This is actually one of my favorites here.
The B-side of the same single, pure jazz rock goodness is on the table as this gets underway. They takes us into some pretty cool zons as the number keeps shifting and changes. It reminds me a bit of Frank Zappa in some ways. This instrumental is proggy class.
Are You Ready to Rock
The A-side of a single, old school rock and roll with Beach Boys-like vocals, this is a fun and energetic retro styled tune.
Marathon Man
The flip side of the previous song when it was released as a single, prog rock is on display here with some psychedelia in the mix. There are some hints of surf guitar at times, too. This is another killer that lands among the best music here. It gets into some decidedly jazzy jamming at times, as well. It is another great instrumental.
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