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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

These Curious Thoughts

Making Friends with the Universe

Review by Gary Hill

I'm reviewing a number of releases from this act in this issue. That is in addition to some others I reviewed in the past. This is their latest, released in 2020. The mix of prog, alternative rock and psychedelia here is effective. That can be said about most of their catalog, though. I have to say that this one seems to lean a bit more on the alternative side than some of the others, and I'm reminded of REM at times on this.

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Track by Track Review
Targets of your Ridicule
A fade up starts the set. The cut drives out from there with a cool up-tempo proggy jam that has elements of psychedelia and alternative rock in the mix.
Making Friends with the Universe
There is really a lot of psychedelia built into this. It has a dreamy, soaring kind of groove to it. It's a classy tune that is among the highlights of the set. That makes it a great choice for title track.
These 4 Walls
This track has a bouncy kind of psychedelic rocking jam as it starts. They bring some reggae into the mix as it continues.
Spinning Plates
More of a pure prog groove, I love the bass line on this thing. The tune has a cool pop rock meets prog vibe to it. It's another classy piece.
Rockn' Rolling
There is a funky kind of old-school rock and roll feeling to this cut. It works into more proggy zones and gets rather psychedelic at times before it's all over and done. While I wouldn't consider this a highlight, it's a solid number.
Walked Away
More mainstream rock sounds merge with plenty of prog on this thing. It's a mid-tempo cut that has some drama and style. I'm reminded a bit of REM on this cut, too.
Garden Girl
There are some killer sounds on this. The REM element is on display here. Horns bring some jazz to the table. The whole cut has plenty of prog built into it, though.
Let the Dirt Fall
I dig the cool prog sounds of this song a lot. It has plenty of bouncy alternative rock vibes, too, though. The keyboard elements on this are real highlights of the song.
Shoes and Human Animals
There is some killer dramatic classic rock turned prog vibes in this mix on this number. It starts a bit more rocking but drops back to mellower zones from the verse. This is one of the highlights of the disc.
Shut Your Mouth
I love the bass work on this cut. The track has a cool alternative rock meets prog sound built into it.
I dig the rocking riff driving this killer tune. This is another highlight of the disc.
Speak Your Mind
This isn't a huge change, but it's also a powerful piece and great closer.
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