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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

The Pink Dust

Dark Seas

Review by Gary Hill

I reviewed an EP from this act in the past. I landed it under progressive rock, but made the point clear that it's a different type of prog than the 70s output of prog bands. I'd say that the same applies here, but that perhaps this is a tighter fit under prog. There is plenty of electronic dance mix and alternative rock here, but it also wanders into space rock territory. All in all, I'd say as good as that previous EP was, this is even better.

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Track by Track Review
What's This Love
Electronics paired with a percussive element and a rich tapestry of vocals is the concept of this number. The track has a cool EDM groove that leans toward art rock in a big way. There is sort of a false ending followed by a journey into trippy space zones that hold the remainder of the piece.
More of an alternative rock vibe is on display here, yet it still has plenty of EDM on display. The exploratory jam later takes it firmly into progressive rock zones.

Space rock, electronic music and more merge on this song. It is the kind electronic music you might expect from Tangerine Dream and bands like that. This instrumental is classy stuff that does get some sounds that lean toward EDM later.

There is a processed element to the vocals on this cut that doesn't work as well for me. Still, the whole electronic concept makes good use of that concept, and not all the vocals here suffer from that. This piece is much more purely electronic than some of the others.
With a cool echoey element, this is more of a driving rocker. It still has plenty of electronic sounds in it. The number is a driving kind of artsy piece of music. I love the harder rocking movement further down the road.
All I'm Thinking Of
I'm reminded of things like Depeche Mode in some ways here. The track has a lot of electronic texture, but there are also some Beatlesish leanings at times. The more rocking break later takes this into more proggy zones, but laced with EDM textures.
We Are Stars
Coming in mellower, this works out with a pretty and rather intricate ballad-like sound. It still has plenty of electronic texture built into it. Somehow I'm reminded of Radiohead and Oasis on this number.
In The Blood
More energized, this cut does a great job of combining EDM with electronic art rock.
Daydreams Are Dying
The mood and tone on this are exceptionally cool. It's a slow moving, but dramatic electronic based number.
Wide Awake
I really dig the energy and groove of this tune. It's a lot of fun.
Dark Seas
A much harder rocking number, the alternative rock merges with the electronic on this killer tune.
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