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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Mark Wingfield, Jane Chapman, Adriano Adewale


Review by Gary Hill

This new release features a trio of musicians in a somewhat unusual configuration in terms of their chosen instrumentation. Mark Wingfield provides guitar and soundscapes. Jane Chapman plays harpsichord. Finally Adriano Adewale handles percussion and a few vocals (not of the traditional variety). This set is very freeform and experimental. I'd guess that people who are more into Rock In Opposition and other forms of severely experimental music would be the target audience here.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2021  Volume 3. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
City Story
There is a dramatic sound that calls to mind some of the prog of the 1970s as this gets underway. The cut moves out in a rather freeform way. There are hints of Asian music in the mix.
Seven Faces Of Silence
More unusual jamming is on hand here. This is perhaps a little more mainstream than the opener was.
Persian Snow Leopard
Experimental prog is on the menu here. There are some non-lyrical voices at times. There are weird whispered vocals later that lend and air of otherworldly creepiness.
Parallel Time
More weirdness ensues on this one, but it's over the instrumental variety. The guitar on this does a pretty good job of speaking to me. The number works into some decidedly strange free form stuff further down the road.
Land On Sky
This has some dramatic moments and effective guitar work. It's not a huge change from the pieces that preceded it, though.
Sun Court
In some ways this has more pure funk built into it. The drives with more freeform oddities, too, though.
Pasquali Dream
The harpsichord makes up a lot of the concept of this number. As a big fan of harpsichord in general, that elevates this piece for me.
Wind Falls Cliffs Rise
Another with a real emphasis on the harpsichord, particularly at the start, this is a trippy strangeness to this in some ways.
Zoji Pass
There is some interesting interplay between guitar and harpsichord. There are some incidental sort of sounds in the mix, too.
Prélude Sinueux
There is a lot of drama and charm to this piece of music. I really love the harpsichord work on this number.
Viaduct Road
This feels a little different than some of the rest. There are some decidedly lush parts, and some more real fusion-like textures at times.
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