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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Berliner Schule Sequencing

Review by Gary Hill

I've reviewed quite a few releases from this act over the years. This latest continues the electronic music concepts of recent albums. I like this quite a bit, but I'd say that it has a tendency to feel a little samey at times. Perhaps it might have been more effective it the music had been released as two separate albums. However you listen, though, if you dig 1970s styled electronic music with a bit of a modern edge, this is for you.

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Track by Track Review
Rationality and Passion
I like how the synthesizer cuts through the silence as this starts. As it continues the track rises up toward 1970s style electronic music. I'm reminded of acts ranging from Kraftwerk to Synergy.
Filter Force
There is more energy and a playful spirit as this comes out of the gate. There are some cool melodies and grooves as this number continues and grows.
Alien Conversation
There is really an element to this that sounds like what the title conveys. This is rich and entertaining. It's actually one of my favorite pieces here. It has a serious edge, yet it also feels playful.
In Striking Distance
Lush and powerful keyboard textures are on the menu here. They are arranged in pattern of rapid waves.
Fire up Your Engine
This has  a very playful kind of groove to it. It's another effective piece of music.
Rising Earth Above the Lunar Horizon
There really is a bit of a space feeling to this thing. It's another solid number, but not a big change.
Dynamic Solutions

I dig the classy spacey vibe to this number. There is a particularly space rock like passage near the end of the number.

The Few, the Proud
Melodic and stirring electronic music is the order of business here. This isn't a big change, but it is another solid track.
Game On!
There is a video game vibe to this along with some classical music and more. It's an intriguing cut.
Iron and Steel
More mainstream electronic music is on the menu here. This isn't a big change, but it works well. Synergy is definitely a valid reference point.
Steady Flow
Echoey lines of electronic texture are at the core of this. It's another strong piece.
Liquid Force
There is quite a cool energy and groove to this piece of music.
Captain Consistency
While not a big change, there are some intriguing playful elements here. A section that call to mind jus harp is particularly interesting. 
The Phobos Monolith
Again this isn't a real departure. Instead, it's another helping of classy electronic music.
Power Dome
There is acme real magic here. A sense of drama and mystery manages to emerge on this number.
Viper Room
There is a real sense of both drama and mystery to this piece.
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