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Review by Gary Hill

There is a modern school of music that features dreamy textures, subdued female vocals and moody vibes. This fits into that genre. It is a solid entry in the field, but I am beginning to find that sound a little clichéd by now. It is somewhat limited in scope as a musical style, and it seems pretty hard to stand out amidst the crowd. Additionally, as this disc does at points, there is a tendency toward it sounding samey within the same release. Still, this is entertaining and intriguing. If this leaned a little more heavily on the artsy side I would have probably landed it under progressive rock under the art rock concept. As it is, there are definitely tendencies in that direction.

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Track by Track Review
Wars Intro
This piece is very artsy, with atmospheric music serving as the backdrop for dramatic and yet understated vocals.  This is the shortest track here.
Another art based number, there are symphonic elements at play here. This is soaring and quite effective. The vocals are rather dreamy.
Oil Fields
Alternative pop rock and jazz concepts are on the menu here. There are some of those symphonic elements in the mix, too. This is a solid tune, but not as strong as the first two pieces.
Pull Through
I like the piano on the tune, and the nearly country elements in the mix. There is dreamy artistic quality to this number. It is atmospheric and pretty, and the understated vocals really work well in the arrangement.
What I Love The Most

While there were hints of country music on the previous piece, this one has that at its heart. It's still on the moody side, but in a lot of ways is among the most direct and mainstream song here.

There is a healthy helping of folk music here. That's melded with the moody, dreamy kind of sound that permeates the bulk of the album. It creates a whole that is proggy and rather trippy in an art rock way.
A rather bouncy kind of melody brings this into being with an up-tempo concept that has a lot of Kate Bush built into it. The vocals come in with a dreamy kind of alternative pop rock vibe. The cut seems to end, but instead a dramatic, yet still rather mellow, dream-like section enters to hold it for a time and segue it into the next piece.
Coming out of the previous piece, alternative music with country and more in the mix is on display here. The dreamy quality remains, and the tune has some artsy vibes to it.
Something Sacred
More dreamy, trippy art music, this is another good tune. The problem is, by this point it is all starting to sound the same.
Days in The Sun
This a little more energetic, allowing it stand out a bit more. This has more direct country influence. It's also one of the more mainstream pieces here. It dissolves into cool spacey trippiness at the end.
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