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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Jacqueline Kerrod

17 Days in December

Review by Gary Hill

When you think of harp music, you probably get certain ideas in your head. Well, prepare to jettison those. This album is made up of solo harp improvisations (electric and acoustic), and it's probably nothing like you'd expect. This is artistic and experimental. It's also quite intriguing. While this isn't progressive rock, it is certainly art music, and has moments that reach toward prog. Whatever you call it, though, it's creative, unique and entertaining, if sometimes challenging.

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Track by Track Review
December 1: Trill to Begin
This rises up ethereal and atmospheric. There are some intriguing textures and some powerful melodies at play here. The whole piece has a cool moody vibe to it.
December 21: Chatterbox
With a speed-up, slow-down effect, this is tastefully strange.
December 7: Gentle Jangle
This is gentle and pretty. It's also experimental.
December 9: An Impression
There is a little jazz angle to parts of this piece. The track has a lot of classical music built into it, and is another intriguing exploration.
December 8: Sugar Up
This a really rocking powerhouse of a tune. Sure, the instrumentation remains the same, but this is a completely different sound.
December 16: Glare
Waves of sound create an intriguing tapestry here. This is echoey and rather trippy.
December 17: Strummed I
There is some energy and a feeling of movement on this piece. It reminds me of things like Synergy in some ways.
December 28: Glassy Fingers
There is a definite tuned percussion vibe to this piece. It works to spacey zones. It works to a more weird percussive section further down the road. It turns more melodic after the halfway point.
December 14: Broken (In 3)
This piece has a buzzing sound that calls to mind guitar. It's quite freeform and strange.
December 2: Fluttering Alberti
There is more rocking energy here. This gets noisy and very strange, but still remains compelling.
December 4: Can-Can
With a real soundtrack vibe, this is unsettling and dramatic.
December 29: Rust on Bow
Rising up textural, this works forward from there. It get pretty noisy and freaky before this ride is done.
December 30: Strummed II
There are waves of sound running along on this number. The track is an intriguing one.
December 5: Screwed
A gentler, piece of music, this is another winner.
December 13: Sunday
There is almost a sense of playfulness to this piece.
December 22: Blips 'n Blops
This isn't as much chirpy, computer like music as the title suggests. It's just another tasty slab of artistic harp music.
December 20: Sweet Dreams
Melodic and pretty, there is a real classical element to this.


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