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Review by Gary Hill

This release features the best known songs from D.I. newly recorded for this set along with a brand new song. This band from in California in 1981, and their sound shows off a real punk rock credibility. Whether they are firing through hardcore tunes or more general punk, they pull it all off with so much style. As you might expect of a release from a punk band, there are some parental advisories to be found here. There is also a lot of smoking hot music. This is a winner from start to finish.

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Track by Track Review
Fierce and anthemic, this starts like a cross between metal and punk. It works to more pure punk and goes through some powerhouse sections as this marches forward. This is so strong.
Wow! The fast-paced bass work that starts this is so cool. The cut is another furious screaming punk stomper.
Colors and Blood
Here is another furious punk stomper. This is even angrier than the first two cuts.
Dying in the USA
I like the melodic, almost metal sound that brings this cut into being. This has some great twists and turns. It's one of the most dynamic and interesting things here.
Falling Out
Another energized punk stomper, this is fun stuff.
The hardcore jamming on this is classic and classy. This definitely earns a parental advisory. I love this song so much. It is one of the highlights here.
Hang Ten in East Berlin
Drums start this with the vocals coming in over that. The rest the band scream in with furious punk rock jamming. This is another killer tune.
Imminent War
Angry and fierce. this is some screaming hardcore.
Johnny's Got a Problem
While not a big change from much of the stuff here, this is effective. It's anthemic and potent.
No Moms
This has some unique twists and turns. It's frantic hardcore.
Nuclear Funeral
This seems even faster than the previous cut. It's so hot. This is hardcore at its finest. It shifts out to an almost classic rock jam mid-track. It speeds back up from there to get back to the zones that came earlier.
O.C. Life
Fierce punk is on the menu here. It's another powerhouse.
A mean screamer, this is another classic hardcore punk tune.
Pervert Nurse
While not a big change, this is another effective punk stompers.
This is a bit different. It's got a mean sound to it. It has an almost dark metal tone. Yet, it's still pure punk rock.
Regan Der Fuhrer
Frantic hardcore is in the driver's seat here. It's another winner.
Richard Hung Himself
While no big change, this is another effective screamer. There are some cool twists and turns on this dark cut.
Spiritual Law
Furious hardcore is on the menu here. This is another particularly strong tune.
Stand Up
Fierce and powerful, this is another powerhouse punk stomper.
Stick to Your Guns
Screaming hot hardcore punk is the order of business. This isn't a big change, but it's also every effective.
Tragedy Again
Not a big change, this is so mean and so cool.
Venus De Milo
Starting with bass, this is another successful punk stomper.
Youth in Asia
This one is so furious. It's definitely screaming hot hardcore. This seems rawer, faster and more intense than anything else here.


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