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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Rob Williams

Weathering the Storm, Vol. 1

Review by Gary Hill

I previously reviewed another set from Rob Williams. I said that the main thing that held it all together for that release was the heartfelt story-telling. I think that's firmly in place here, too. This has a similar blend of folk music, rock and more. I think that, if anything, the song writing and performances here are stronger than that album. There are couple songs here that really stand incredibly tall, and nothing is weak. I have to say that as much as I liked the previous one, this is a better album yet. If you dig roots based folk rock, you really should give this a chance.

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Track by Track Review
This is a powerhouse piece of Americana. It definitely earns a parental advisory for the lyrics. This is energetic and so much fun.
Me and You
There is an almost jazzy vibe to this cut. I love the fast paced vocal arrangement. This has such a great energy and retro vibe.
Falling Sky
A harder rocking number, this has a real alternative rock vibe. For some reason I'm reminded to some degree of the band Cracker. I love the guitar that just screams overhead as the number drives onward.
A Hard Time
A driving alternative rocker, this is driving and classy. It also has a real classic feeling to it.
Only Heaven Knows
There is plenty of country based Americana on this number.
Long Distance
This tune makes me think of electric Dylan. It's another strong piece.
Moon's Light
A mellow ballad, this reminds me of Arlo Guthrie's most dramatic music to a large degree, but with different vocals. It gets into a more powered up and rocking variant in a couple sections. This is a real powerhouse. It's so evocative. I think it's my favorite song on the disc. 
Ghostwriter (Rosie & Justin)
I love this song, too. It combines some of that Bob Dylan angle with more of the Arlo Guthrie ones. There are some jazzy elements at play here, but honestly, it's a folk piece more than it is anything else. It's very evocative and effective.
Good with the Changes
I love the dichotomy of the mellower (piano and guitar dominated) sections and the rocking ones on this tune. This has plenty of rock and roll in the mix along with folk music and more. It's another strong song.


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