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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


How Will All This End?

Review by Gary Hill

Celtic rock and prog rock have been partners for a very long time. This new album continues that tradition. While there are things that call to mind acts like Jethro Tull, The Strawbs and Tempest, the sound here is largely unique. It leans on the AOR side of the prog equation, and it's quite strong. It should be noted that a lot of the lyrics here earn parental advisories, but I'm not listing it on each song.

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Track by Track Review
Rising sun on the Shore
The sounds of water hitting a beach start this track. A melodic acoustic guitar based arrangement brings it in from there. This has an organic, Earthy prog texture as it builds outward. There are some Celtic elements at play here. The electric guitar that comes over the top later is tasty. This is a classy opening instrumental.
I dig the folk prog styled rocking sound of this song. It makes me think of The Strawbs to some degree. The vocals are quite rocking. The cut turns harder rocking later, and some solid guitar soloing emerges over the top. It has a real AOR prog vibe. There is a twist toward Celtic music later, and that leads to more pure prog concepts in the mix. It returns to the song proper from there.
Walk Away
Here we have another AOR prog tune. The cut has some of that folk edge to it. The guitar soloing on this one is exceptional. The tune works quite well in a mainstream rock meets prog way.
Classical music and piano brings this number into being. This works out with some melodic folk turned proggy sound. It turns toward more hard rocking zones further down the musical road. This drops back to mellower stuff later in the track. The sounds of a mass shooting event come over the top. As it works back out to the song proper from there, it is set in the mellower, folkier side of the sound.
The Banshee's Keening
There is a real Celtic rock thing at play here. I'm reminded of both The Strawbs and Jethro Tull here in different ways. The band Tempest is a valid comparison, as well. It becomes a solid AOR rocker.
Witches of the Middle-Ages
I really dig the organic, Celtic rock vibe of this song. It's all class.
Twist of Fate
A mellower prog concept brings this into being with a lot of class and style. This works out to a killer melodic prog motif. There is some scorching hard rocking guitar further down the musical road. I love this song. In fact, I think it's my favorite tune here. It's packed full of emotion and powerful music.
Evil in Us
This is another potent prog rocker. It starts a little mellower and turns more rocking as it continues. The guitar solo on this really works some serious rock magic. The tune has some great meat and hooks. There is a dramatic drop to a piano led movement that is so cool from there. As music (including some killer guitar fills) and sung vocals work upward as a spoken vocal delivers lines over the top.
They close the set, as they started it, with an instrumental piece. This has some great Celtic rock built into it. It reminds me a lot of Tempest, but also turns heavy and mysterious at times. The sounds of a thunderstorm end it.
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