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Bootlegger Blood EP

Review by Gary Hill

This music is unique. It's also strangely familiar. It's electronic. It's moody. There is a real artsy edge to this release. I have to say that for me this is often too produced in nature, but there is only one song on the EP that doesn't really work for me. This is definitely intriguing and interesting from start to finish, though.

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Track by Track Review
I’m a Wreck, Not a Queen
An artsy air brings this in with atmospherics. The cut works out from there into more of a moody modern pop rock sound. The music sounds a little too processed for my tastes, but it's a good song, and the vocal performance is solid. There is almost an electronic symphonic vibe at play later. There is a weird section later that takes this purely artsy with a pitch bend effect that makes it feel like an old, somewhat mangled, recording.
Ain’t Right For Your Praise
The electronic vibe on the intro to this has a start and stop approach that is rather awkward and unsettling. The cut gets into more EDM zones, but still in a moody way from there. That start and stop thing does return later, too. That element, which I find very annoying, along with the over-processed nature of all the music earns this one a "skip" recommendation from me. Your results may vary.
Don’t Go Anywhere
This is less processed than some of the other music here, letting it shine brighter. I'd consider this one of the highlights of this EP. It's moody, creative and classy. The art really shines through. Yet, it's also tastefully understated.
I’m Crushed in His Gaze
The start and stop element is back here, but it's a little less pronounced. That works in its favor. There is a rather mysterious quality to this track that really helps it to stand tall. The electronic processing brings an almost alien vibe. This track really works well in a very unusual way.
They Whisper Voodoo
Every bit as moody as the rest of the songs here, this feels more organic somehow. It's slow, dramatic and another highlight of the set.
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