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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Adrian John Szozda

Night Owl

Review by Gary Hill

If you are a big fan of roots music, you will find plenty to like here. While a song or two have a bit of a more modern edge to the vocals, overall this is rooted in traditional music. I'm reminded of artists ranging from Arlo Guthrie to Robert Johnson and more. It's all done quite well, and it is all effective.

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Track by Track Review
Mischievous Song
There is a shuffling old-style musical texture built into this thing. It has some jazzy elements. It's a really classy tune. I really dig the guitar work on it. Despite the retro vibes, there are some modern things in play, too, along the lines of alternative pop.
Father Forgive Me
The bass on this is so classic. The tune has a real vintage sound with a bluesy kind of vibe. This one definitely seems to be less modern in nature, but there are still some hints of that. The musical arrangement is fairly stripped back, and the vocal arrangement makes up for that.
Rum Rum
With a healthy helping of banjo music in the mix, this is a particularly retro piece. There are some weird twists and turns on this, and some of the vocals make me think of Arlo Guthrie. That said, I can also make out some hints of Robert Johnson here.
Hard People
Old-time music with a swinging groove is on the menu here. This is another that reminds me a little of Guthrie. It's energetic and a lot of fun.
That old-school, down-home folky concept is on hand again.
Everybody Smile
I dig the good time almost island groove of this number.
Another down-home folk song, this also has more of that Arlo Guthrie thing. It's a slower moving, and classy piece.
I Remember
There is a bluesy angle to this cut. It still has a mellower, folksy vibe to it, too.
Learning To Waltz
This mellower tune feels like something that would have been at home in the mid 1800s.
Darlin Come Home To Me
The closer brings back some of those more modern elements. It has a bit of a moody, echoey texture. It's folky, artsy and still quite retro in structure and delivery.
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