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Bo Diddley


Review by Gary Hill

I think Bo Diddley is really one of the true founding fathers of rock and roll. It should be no surprise then that I like this collection. The thing is, I would say that it somehow feels less dated than a lot of contemporary releases. Being that this is a Bear Family release, you expect quality, and you get it with this. The digipack includes an extensive booklet along with the CD.

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Track by Track Review
My Story
This bouncy little number features an almost spoken vocal delivery and some seemingly autobiographical lyrics. This is fun and features a Bo Diddley beat, but then again, you wouldn't expect anything else.
Bo Diddley
This tune is a pure classic song. It's delivered with so much style and charm. As you can imagine, this is pretty much literally trademark Bo Diddley.
Ride On Josephine
An energetic rocker, this is another fun tune. It makes me think of Chuck Berry to some degree, but it's still trademark Diddley.
Pretty Thing
I really dig the bluesy groove of this song. The harmonica is a nice touch, too.
Little Girl (Can I Go Home With You)
Harmonica and piano are integral parts of the arrangement on this bluesy rocker.
I Can Tell
Here we get another classic rock and roller. I think the vocal performance on this is among the best of the album.
Road Runner

This is another classic, and it's such a strong tune at that.

Hush Your Mouth
Percussion, piano and vocals are in place at the start of this. This is another fun old-school rocker.
Who Do You Love?
Here we get yet another classic rocker. I really dig the guitar jamming on this so much, but the whole piece just oozes cool.
You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
And, the classics just keep coming. This energetic romp is so much fun.
Say! (Boss Man)
Another that gives me a bit of a Chuck Berry vibe, I'm not crazy about the doo wop styled vocals on this. It still works pretty well, though.
You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)
With lots of harmonica, this is a classy old-school blues rocker. That harmonica really wails at times.
Diddley Daddy
Bouncy and fun, this isn't really a standout tune.    
Bring It To Jerome
This has a cool driving energy. Again, while I wouldn't consider this one a highlight, it's a strong tune. The harmonica solo is pretty cool, though.
Willie And Lillie
A bouncy rocker, this is somehow stronger. I love the slide guitar on the tune.
This song is a lot of fun, but not really a highlight. I reminds me a little of Chuck Berry again. 
The saxophone on this is a nice touch. A bouncy rocker, this is another classy tune.
Down Home Special
With some train sounds in the mix, this has an intriguing groove and sound. It's very retro in texture, but it's also quite different from a lot of the rest here.          
For some reason this sounds a little like Roy Orbison does Bo Diddley to me.
Before You Accuse Me (Take A Look At Yourself)
Another classic song, I dig the acoustic guitar groove on this. It's a blues standard and gets delivered in style.
Dearest Darling
A bouncy tune, this one rocks pretty well. It's not what I'd consider a standout, though.
I Am Looking For A Woman
Another that's not really anything particularly special, this is still quite effective.
Don't Let It Go
This rocker is a lot of fun.
She's Alright
The call and response on this is cool. The whole tune feels like a party. That's a good thing.
Deed And Deed I Do
Too much doo wop and polish are on display here for me. This cut just doesn't really do it for me.
Diddy Wah Diddy
This rocking groove is particularly entertaining. I love the guitar fills, too.
Gun Slinger
A fun rocker, this works well. It's based on another tune, but it's an entertaining variation.
Hey! Bo Diddley
The closer is another strong rocker.
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