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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Nashville Pussy

Eaten Alive

Review by Gary Hill

Nashville Pussy is one of those bands that sort of walks on the edge of a fence in terms of genres. While I consider the vocals to be pretty much pure punk rock, the music covers a lot of territory. They show off things ranging from punk to metal to southern rock, blues rock and AC/DC like hard rock. They do it all with style and manage to make each song feel unique. This live album really showcases that with a lot of finesse and power. It should be mentioned that a lot of it earns parental advisories, and this group pulls no punches.

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Track by Track Review
Kicked In The Teeth
A seriously punky angle is brought to this cover of the classic AC/DC screamer.
Piece Of Ass
This thing is a frantic punky powerhouse that is positively furious.
Wrong Side Of The Gun
They lose none of the anger here, but this is just little less ferocious than the previous tune.
Pillbilly Blues
Another mean and furious one, this has some more metal in the mix. Then again, it's not that far removed from early AC/DC.
We Want A War
Not a big change, this is another screaming slab of punky hard rock.
Rub It To Death
Punk and metal merge on this powerhouse song.
Go Home And Die
Punk angst is blended with a metal edge here. This is a mean one.
She Keeps Me Coming, And I Keep Going Back
While no big change, this is another furious slab of screaming punky rocking sound. This gets a parental advisory.
More straight ahead hard rock, there is a bit of Southern rock edge to this. It does represent a bit of a change with its blues rock kind of angle.
5 Minutes To Live
This gets some serious parental advisories. It's frantic and heavy punk rock and roll.
Low Down Dirty Pig
I love the mean riff on this screamer. This is another furious punk powerhouse. It' also earns some parental advisories. This song is more than ten-and-a-half minutes long, but a huge chunk of that is a drum solo. Another portion of the piece is taken up by introductions of all the members of the band. After some other jamming and things, they eventually make it back to the song proper to take it out.
First I Look At The Purse
We get more fierce punk rocking music here. It's another powerhouse.
Go To Hell
Another that gets a definite parental advisory. This is Southern rock turned punk edged.
I'm So High
AC/DC-styled sound is merged with Southern rock, punk and more on this stomper.
I'm The Man
Screaming hot punk is the order of business here.
Why, Why, Why
No big surprises here, this is another fun slab of hard rock with a punk rock edge and energy.
Strutting Cock
Drums open this track and hold it for a time. Then the rest of the band join for an AC/DC does the Ramones kind of jam. This is another powerhouse.
Till The Meat Falls Off The Bone
Described as a song "about getting high" and "also about barbecue," this has more of a rock and roll angle to it. Riff rock is king on this song. There is a drums and vocals section mid-track that gives way to some scorching hot metallic jamming from there.
Go Motherfucker Go
As I'm sure you can guess, the closer earns a parental advisory, too. This is angry, noisy and tasty. They turn it out into a powerhouse hard rock instrumental jam later in the piece. There is a strange twist later to a slower bluesy movement.
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