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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Come The Spring

Echoes Revived

Review by Gary Hill

This is a compilation disc gathering up two releases from this band and assembling them all on one CD. The group have a sound that walks a fence between alternative rock and punk. At times they land more fully on one side or the other, but they often occupy both within one track. However you label this, though, it's a potent release.

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Track by Track Review
Thirteen Months
This pounds in with some ferocity. The tune works out to some driving melodic edgy rock. This is energetic and powerful. It's also so cool.
Better Now
While the basic format isn't greatly changed, this rocker is not a copy of the last tune. I really love the passionate vocals on the number. The dropped back movement, with the emphasis on the bass, is a great touch, too.
Coming in slower, mellower and melodic, this instrumental piece builds gradually on its musical concepts. There is a blast of harder rocking stuff right at the end.
For What It's Worth
Driving, punky alterative rock is on the menu here. This is another passionate piece that works really well. There is some cool soaring stuff further down the road.
Brighton And The Blues
Coming in a little restrained, this powers out like crazy on the choruses. It alternates between those two modes as it works forward.
Drums start things here and hold it for a decent amount of time. The cut fires out into more energetic and impassioned alternative rock from there. This gets pretty punky at times.
Boys Of Summer
Here they cover the Don Henley hit. They put in a cool aggressive performance of the tune. This is another that seems to bridge the gap between alternative rock and punkier zones.
Much more aggressive as it gets underway, this is a real punk-based powerhouse. It has some dropped back, melodic moments, but overall is a real screamer, literally.
Echoey, and much mellower instrumental work brings this shorter song into being. It grows up organically. Then around the halfway mark it screams out with punk ferocity.
Memory And Resonance
Here we get another ferocious screaming hot alternative rocker with some punk in the mix.
Air That I'm Breathing
While this is more of a melodic rocker than some of the others, it still has a driving energy and plenty of hard rocking crunch. This is must more firmly set in alternative rock than it is punk, though.
This gets into some seriously fierce punk zones with lots of bombast and energy. This is one of the more aggressive things here.
Home, Sick And Tired
Punk and alternative rock merge on this tune. It's not a huge change from the rest, but it's very effective. There is a dropped back section and a more punky concept later. This does earn a parental advisory.
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