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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Delay Tactics

Elements Of Surprise

Review by Gary Hill

This outfit is apparently billed as techno-pop. I consider them more instrumental prog. There are things here that call to mind acts ranging from King Crimson to Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream and more. This is entertaining from start to finish, no matter where you think it fits genre-wise.

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Track by Track Review
Viola's Ascent
There is a classical music section at the start of this track. The cut moves toward more contemporary sounds, while keeping that concept in place. I love the fretless bass on this. Some of the guitar work makes me think of Robert Fripp just a little. Prog and fusion seem to merge here is some ways, but there are also hints of space rock, and even some Americana in the mix. This may remain mellow, but it's certainly not restrained as it explores quite a bit of territory. The synthesizer paints some intriguing lines of sound further down the road.
Kalimba Lounge
There is a dreamy, Island quality to this track. Yet, there are hints of country-styled music in the mix, too. This has a feeling of floating on a raft in the water to it. Keyboards bring proggier things to bear, leading me to think of Tangerine Dream just a little at points.
Shadow of Berlin
Much more energetic, this has a cool electronic groove to it. This turns less electronic later. I love the bass work and the guitar on it so much. There is a real soaring, proggy quality to the track. This does retain classy retro electronic vibe throughout.
Don't Wake The Pharaoh
Tangerine Dream and Synergy feel like valid comparisons to make here. This has a good mid-tempo electronic groove and some classy jamming. As you would expect based on the title, there are some hints of Egyptian concepts at play at times. The keys get some pretty classy soloing opportunities. Some fusion-like guitar work comes in after a time.
Fire Ceremony
Mellow keyboard textures serve as the backdrop for some Frippian guitar work as this slow moving number gets underway. It's like someone put King Crimson together with Synergy to me. This works out from there to more electronic space zones.   
Ever Unwinding
Melodic rock, slow moving, instrumental prog is on the menu as this gets underway. There are definite space leanings, and in some ways I can see some comparisons to early Pink Floyd added to the usual Tangerine Dream sort of things. There is some cool guitar and keyboard interplay on this, and the cut gets pretty soaring as it keeps evolving.
There is a rubbery groove to much of this piece. It has a real fusion texture to it. There are spacey excursions in place. Although there is no violin, parts of this make me think of Jean-Luc Ponty.
Acoustic Reprise
As you might guess given the title, acoustic instrumentation brings this in. The arrangement gets lush and powerful, but remains balladic.
Three Voices
A mellower piece, this has a spacey trippiness to it, and some definite King Crimson-like leanings. There are intricacies in the backdrop with waves of texture over the top. There is a grounding effect to this, making it a great closer.
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