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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

The Perc Meets the Hidden Gentleman

Lavender (vinyl)

Review by Gary Hill

This album from 1991 has just gotten a reissue on vinyl. I generally put this act under progressive rock, mainly because of their experimental artsy approach. I'm doing that here, too. That said, there are some proggy things at play here at times, anyway. This is an intriguing disc that works well and manages to not really feel dated.

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Track by Track Review
Side One
Blind Faith

Acoustic guitar brings this in with an intricate sound. It grows upward to more of a folk rock vibe from there. Synthesizer comes over the top as icing on the cake. The vocals enter after a time. This has a folk prog vibe to it.

This Moon Of Both Sides
This comes in powered up with a real space rock meets glam vibe. I love the synthesizer sound on this thing. This thing gets hard rocking with a definite space angle, but also some Goth rock in the mix.
The Infant King
The opening on this calls to mind "21st Century Schizoid Man" to some degree. The track works out to a cool melodic prog jam from there over which a female voice is heard. As the main vocal part of the album joins, it brings a Goth vibe with it. That "21st Century..." thing comes back at the end.
Hole In My Head
This is a bouncy little number that has a real quirky vibe to it. This has a lot of psychedelic angle in play. It's decidedly keyboard based.
Hall Of Fame
I dig this rocker. it has a real Goth angle to it.
Side Two
The Lavender Cantos (part I-IV)

This drives in so heavy, with an almost metal approach to it. It drops down to mellower zones for the entrance of the vocals. There is a mellower psychedelic approach that takes over after a time. A percussive movement emerges from there. This works out into more of a rocking zone that hits along the lines of space rock at times. It has a definite art rock angle to it. The parts of this bear the following titles: "Vermilion Sands Or The Snowbird And The Shrine," "Himinam Ana Airthai" (Heaven On Earth), "Seven Flags On The Peak" and "The Return Of The Snowbird."

The Composition Of Incense
This comes in with a symphonic rock angle. It has an almost soundtrack vibe to it, yet the energy and vocals create more of an art rock thing.
Is There Anyone Cruisin' Round The Garden?
There is a rather goofy, but cool, groove in place here. Art rock, space music and more merge on this song.


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