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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Trevor Owen

And the Moon Rising

Review by Gary Hill

Folk music and other mellower sounds are on the menu here. This is an effective set that never feels redundant or tired. It's very retro in texture, but that's not a bad thing. That said, it's probably closer to early 70s styled soft rock and folk based music, rather than the older roots music that is the basis of a lot of modern stuff.

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Track by Track Review
And the Moon Rising
I like the little jabs of acoustic guitar as this gets underway quite a bit. The track works out as a folk song. At first it's just guitar and vocals, but gradually more and more instruments join. Backing vocals are eventually added, too. This has a little bit of a soft rock element at play. I'm reminded just a small bit of Gordon Lightfoot at times. Some of the guitar soloing brings some hints of country music, too.
Fire Moon - Heima
Another folk based tune, this gets quite involved. There are some jazzy and classical elements at play in augmentation roles. This is another effective tune. It has a real classic sound to it.
Now, the jazz is in the driver's seat on this one. I love the piano work, and the whole tune grooves with some classy bluesy jazz sound.
I Get That Feeling
The organ and piano on this are very cool. This has more of a soft rock vibe, but it has elements of gospel music, soul and more.
Make Me Feel
More pure folk rock based, this is a fun number. It has a 1970s vibe and some country leanings on some of the instrumental work.
The More, the More
I dig the guitar fills on this. The organ lends a retro sound. The whole tune grooves with some killer folk rock hooks and style.
Not the Only One
This is an energetic and fun romp with a lot of boogie-woogie sound built into it.
Richland Woman Blues
I'm reminded a little of The Allman Brothers and The Band on this retro-sounding romp.
Sweet Bitter
I like this classy folk meets soft rock piece quite a bit. Symphonic strings lend some special magic to it.
Tell Me What It Looks Like
Not a big change, this is a folk rocker with some hints of country music built into it.
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