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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Le Mur

keep your fear away from me (vinyl)

Review by Gary Hill

I've reviewed several of Le Mur's releases over the years. I have always liked this German act. Their sound is unique and intriguing with plenty of influences ranging from space rock to prog and more in the mix. This new vinyl record might be my favorite of theirs. The mix of sounds and the delivery are both so strong. It's very dynamic and diverse collection of four epic pieces. As is often the case with space rock, it tends to change gradually, but change it does. I should note that all the titles are listed in lowercase, so that's why I've done them that way. Also, the stunning color of the vinyl earned it one of our Music Street Journal bonus videos. You can view it here:

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2023  Volume 3 More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
side a
...the past will be perfect...

The opener is an epic that comes in at 15 minutes long. Mellow atmospherics start this, and hold it while a voice speaks over the top. It slowly grows with psychedelia, space rock and prog in the mix. It gets some jazzy concepts added to the mix via a saxophone. This rises and falls and gets fairly freeform at times, but also flows really well in a trippy sort of space music way.

today is the day / the beauty of now
This two-fer piece is almost nine-and-a-half minutes long. It comes in almost like an extension of the previous number, but has more of a rocking angle brought by the guitar. There is a cool space rock meets jazz vibe and has hints of the Doors.  This turns much more rocking with some killer wah guitar further down the road. The bass is driving and the guitar has a killer rock sound to it. It sounds like the piece is over, but then gradually rises back up to some mellow music to eventually take it out.
side b
another life / burning the tree / I see you

Made up of three titled sections, this track is close to 11-and-a-half minutes long. This is a big change, with an almost punky hard rocking jam ensuing as it gets started. There is still plenty of space rock in the mix, just the punkier side of it. This eventually shifts to a more jazzy space motif that isn't far removed from some early Hawkwind. That holds it sans vocals with small variants and growth contributing to it as it continues. Acoustic guitar based space rock takes control for a while. Keys join and transition this into the next track.

...for the puzzles of the future
The closer is more than twelve minutes long. Coming out of the previous piece, synthesizer takes over, with the cut remaining mellow. Then a spoken part emerges. After that runs through hard rocking space music that definitely calls to mind Hawkwind pounds in. Eventually we get into some cool jazzy prog meets space rock arrangement for an instrumental movement. More Hawkwind like rocking zones emerge further down the road. This gets driving and so cool as it continues. There is some killer guitar work over the top.


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