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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Tangerine Dream

Deadly Care

Review by Gary Hill

This is a new release of a soundtrack album from Tangerine Dream. The electronic, and mostly ambient sounds here definitely fit as a movie soundtrack. They aren't particularly conducive to track by track reviews, but since that's how we do MSJ reviews, I have done it. I think this is better as background music than something you pay close attention, too. Then again, that's the purpose for which it was created.

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Track by Track Review
Deadly Care Main Theme
This is electronic, but has a lot of classical elements at play. It remains on the mellow side throughout, and includes some great keyboard voicings and melodies. This is one second short of five minutes, making it the longest thing here.
Paddles/Stolen Pills
I love the great electronic energy at play on the first half of this. It has a classy groove to it. It drops down mid-track, apparently going into the second part. That comes in very ambient and mellow. It stays that way, working more in mood than anything else.
A Strong Drink/A Bad Morning
There is a real mellow, symphonic angle to this as it gets going. The second half has a bit more energy to it.
Wasted And Sick

This short cut is sedate and textural in nature.

Hope For Future
Appropriately, this composition does feel a little more positive. in nature. It has a very mellow and suitably soundtrack-like nature to it.
The Hospital
Not a big change at first, the sedate textures of the early parts of this work really well. It gets more energy and a bit of a groove added as it continues.
In Bed
Here we get more classy electronic sound. This has more energy than some of the rest, too.
Annie And Father
I like the pretty melodies on this. The song is not as sedate as some, but mellower than others here.
More Pills
A much mellower track, the electronics work well on this.
In The Head Nurse's Office/At The Father's Grave
There is a real symphonic vibe as things get underway here. This turns more purely electronic and almost space-like further down the road.
Clean And Sober
Just under five minutes of music, this is the second longest piece on the album. It has some real positive vibes to it sonically. It's the same kind of electronic sound we've learned to expect on the album. This is obviously soundtrack music, but then again, that's what it is.


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