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Non-Prog CD Reviews


Body Machine

Review by Gary Hill

This is an intriguing set of music. It's electronic, but it seems to move deftly between EDM, Goth, techno, 80s stuff like Depeche Mode and more. It even turns funky at times. It's always interesting, although I think the final number is a bit under the quality of the rest of the disc.

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Track by Track Review
A Signal in the Noise
A cool synthesizer groove gets things going here. There is a tasty techno meets EDM vibe to this track. This definitely feels like Depeche Mode to a good degree.
Ghost Writer
While not a big change, this has a bit more of a percussive, rhythmic emphasis to it. It's another effective cut.
Hell Awaits
I love this song. It has a sort of tastefully off-kilter groove to it. The sound-bites of a minister make me think of The Residents for some reason. The cut is more driving and energized. It's also more creative and almost proggy. It's a lot of fun and one of the highlights of the disc.
Phantom Pain
This is driving and classy. It definitely has a Goth vibe to it. I'm reminded a little of Bauhaus, but also Kraftwerk for some reason. This has a great energy and style. There is a spoken sound-bite break later that gets into some techno zones via a stuttering effect. .
Killer techno electronics are in the driver's seat here. This has so much groove. It manages to have some dramatic melodic things at play, too. For some reason, this is another that works better for me, making it another standout track.
Perfect Body Machine
There is a real 80s, funky vibe to this cut. While it is more of a dance tune, it's also really effective. I love this song.
Techno Girl
The techno sounds on this are on fire. The track has great energy and mood. It will get you moving.
Crystalline Lace
Moodier and a little trippy, this has  a lot of Goth vibe at play.
This has some different movements to it. It's a more dance oriented piece, but still manages to have a lot of meat on the bones.
Keep on Burning
I'm not crazy about the processing on some of the vocals here. Beyond that, the bouncy, almost more poppy arrangement isn't my favorite either. This is okay, but not at the level of the rest of the disc. I think it might have been a good move to leave this song off altogether.
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