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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Live at Drury Lane (CD/DVD Set)

Review by Gary Hill

This new set includes a CD and DVD of a concert that was recorded for the BBC in 1981. It should be noted that the DVD (and CD) include three songs that were cut from a VHS release of the concert. Additionally, the CD includes several songs from a Milan, Italy show on the same tour. I generally land Toyah under progressive rock, in part because of her current King Crimson connection, she is married to Robert Fripp and they do videos together. That said, I feel that the art rock quality of her music earns her that label, anyway. Whether you agree or disagree with that, this is a powerful performance and a great release, and it comes with a fairly extensive booklet.

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Track by Track Review
Good Morning Universe
There is a healthy helping of crowd sound at the start. Then drums enter. Keys come in over the top of that before they launch out into the song in full force. This is driving, art rock based and somewhat operatic at times.
We Are
I like this one a lot. It's driving, artsy, punky and just plain cool. I love the vocal arrangement on this. The keyboards bring something special, too.
War Boys
Percussive, this has an anthemic element to it. I'm reminded a little of some of Peter Gabriel's solo material here. This gets a bit freaky at times. It drops to a strictly vocal and percussion section later.
Victims Of The Riddle
While this isn't a huge change, it is a very effective piece of music. The instrumental section with killer guitar work later is on fire.
The Furious Futures
I dig the space rock sounds at the start of this. The cut work out into more of a new wave like art rock piece.
In The Fairground
This has an intriguing vibe to it. It's perhaps more on the punky end of the spectrum. It's a classy tune.
It’s A Mystery
I really like the sound of the bass on this number. The track has a bit more of a mainstream new-wave rocking sound to it.
Jungles Of Jupiter
More keyboard oriented, this has plenty of art rock and even some space rock in the mix. It gets into more driving rock zones further down the road.
Masai Boy
Another that is largely percussive, this has a theatrical, dramatic vibe to it. It's another winner.
New wave, prog and space rock all seem to merge on this rocking number. I really like the keyboard heavy section later a lot.
Thunder In The Mountains
I really dig the drama of the arrangement on this number. The whole track is classy. In fact, I'd consider this to be one of my favorites of this show.
Energized and keyboard dominated, this is another killer song. It's a bit like a cross between Gabriel and Kate Bush with some definite punk and new wave added to this mix. I can also make out some hints of Hawkwind at times, particularly late. It's another standout track.
I Want To Be Free
There is an extended keyboard based section at the start of this. The track builds out to more rocking zones from there.
Bonus Tracks (CD only)
Live In Milan
Stand Proud

Rhythmic vibes and vocals drive this. It even includes a drum solo.

Urban Tribesmen
Percussive, but also rocking, this track is almost the natural successor to the one that came before it.
Pop Star
I dig the space rock vibe on this cut. Again, it feels like a true progression from the two previous tunes. This is more proggy than the two that came before it in this show.
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