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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Hats off Gentlemen It’s Adequate

The Light Of Ancient Mistakes

Review by Gary Hill

I've reviewed a number of releases from this band, and they never fail to deliver compelling progressive rock. The music here at times sits closer to modern sounding, more alternative rock leaning sounds, but at other points we get pure classic prog. There are quite a few instrumental tracks breaking up the vocal pieces. I think this might be their strongest and most consistent album. It's a particularly strong release.

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Track by Track Review
Sold The Peace
I really love the bass groove as this gets going. The track works out into a symphonic prog styled jam that has a lot of modern elements at play. There is a piano led section later, but overall this cut stays pretty true to its origins, working on variants on the theme.
The Light Of Ancient Mistakes
Coming in gradually, dramatic and yet somewhat understated, this builds with so much style and charm. There are definitely some comparisons to be made to Pink Floyd on this piece. The guitar solo in particular is very David Gilmour like. I really love this song. It has some hints of things like Phideaux, too. This piece is just magical and even has some hints of jazz at times.
Avrana Kern Is Made Of Ants
A more energized progressive rock sound that makes me think of Rick Wakeman's solo work starts this. This instrumental piece is so cool.
The Anxiety Machine Part 1
Trippy atmospherics are on the menu for this instrumental piece. It's spacey, trippy and again calls to mind Pink Floyd's electronic interlude tracks to a large degree.
Sixteen Hugless Years
This is a powerful, modern prog rocker with some definite classic leanings in place. It feels angry which seems representative of the lyrics. The guitar solo is melodic and classy.
The Requisitioner And The Wonder
I really love the trippy spacey prog sounds at play on this instrumental number. It begins mellower and builds out as it continues. After getting more energized mid-track, it drops to an electronic symphonic movement to hold it to the end. This is all class.
The Glamour Boys
A classy cut with edgy modern prog in place in some ways, this has some killer keyboard based classic prog sounds, too. This is mid-tempo, melodic and so strong. It's another stand out on the album.
Gothi and Gethli
There is a definite funk angle as this gets going. While I'd still land this full under progressive rock, there are definitely fusion leanings here. There is some great piano in the mix at times. The whole piece evolves and grows. It's another particularly effective instrumental.
A driving rocker, this isn't the proggiest thing here, but it has great energy. The guitar solo is especially meaty, too.
The Anxiety Machine Part 2
Trippy keyboards are on the menu for this instrumental piece.
Walking To Aldebaran
Modern edgy progressive rock sounds are at the heart of a lot of this track. They take into a cool jazz jam later, but then it shifts toward heavy metal before moving out to more classic melodic prog from there. I really love the fast paced modern prog movement later along the road so much. They twist things toward more jazzy prog zones after that movement, and then bring a melodic mellower piano dominated movement for the next set of vocals. At almost nine-minutes long, this is an epic piece and one of the highlights of the album.
Goodbye Cassini
This is a beautiful musical journey. It is built on melodic progressive rock with waves of keyboards and flute at its core. I am sure this a tribute to the NASA probe that sent its final signals in recent years. This instrumental is a suitable farewell to a piece of machinery that did great work for mankind.
The Anxiety Machine Part 3
This keyboard instrumental makes me think of Synergy to a large degree.
The Man Who Japed
The early parts of this again make me think of Rick Wakeman's music. The cut works out from there working through more hard rocking stuff. Yet there are still more Wakeman-like things that come in along the road. This instrumental piece keeps evolving and changing. There is more smoking hot melodic progressive rock later along the road, too. This is a classy piece of music.




Burn The World
This is lyrically powerful, and the melodic prog concepts fit the themes well. It's moody, but also pretty. I really love the guitar solo on this piece a lot.
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