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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews


Event Horizon

Review by Gary Hill

This album from Italian melodic metallers Sinheresy is a work of art. I'd consider it one of the best releases of 2023. It features dual male and female lead vocals provided by Cecilia Petrini and Stefano Sain, There is a real epic metal vibe in many ways, but perhaps without some of the excesses that can overwhelm that genre. This is sublime and yet also visceral. They weave in plenty of beauty without sacrificing metallic ferocity. It's quite the balancing act, but they pull it off with style.

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Track by Track Review
The Calling
They waste no time, pounding and driving in with style. This has a melodic, epic metal style at its core with some modern angles to it. It's accessible yet also meaty. This is such a great opener. It has everything you'd want from this kind of melodic metal.
Black Spirit
With a short keyboard introduction, this screams out with a fierce riff from there. It drops to a more stripped back arrangement for the first vocals, but this thing rocks like crazy as it continues to evolve and grow.
The Life You Left Behind
This has some mellower moments built into it. The mix of sounds is overall in the same general territory, though. This is another potent mix of melodic catchy hooks and fierce metallic modes.
Coming in fierce and dramatic, this is a real powerhouse. It still has plenty of the melodic things we have come to expect, but it's also among the meatiest here from a metal point of view. This really lands in the epic metal zone. It's one of my favorites here. It gets some extreme metal vocals in the mix, too.
Brighter Days
While not a big change, this is another seriously effective piece. It does have a mellower drop-back movement that brings some variety. Overall this is more classy stuff on a disc full of class.
There are some particularly mean metal riffs built into this beast. That gets tempered with some especially melodic sections at times. The two ends meet in the middle at other points along this road. It's another killer metal rocker.
Forbidden Desire
This has some great hooks built into it. Yet it doesn't sacrifice metal power for any of that accessibility. It's another cut that is just about perfect. I love the melodic metal guitar soloing, and the whole thing just rocks out so well.
Event Horizon I Gravity
Starting atmospheric, this grows up gradually with keyboard textures holding it. It has a bit of a techno vibe at play. Some vocals come in near the end, but they are far back in the mix. This tune is a little less than a minute and a half long and serves as an introduction to the next piece.
Event Horizon II Entropy
Powering up with fierce metal riffing, this is more along the lines of the rest of the album. The song is another powerhouse of melodic metal. It does have some vocals that lean toward the extreme metal end of the spectrum, but those are tempered with more melodic ones.
Event Horizon III Singularity
The final part of this trilogy of songs comes in on piano. As that instrument paints lines of melody, vocals come over the top. That reaches a conclusion, but textural sound effects remain behind afterward. Those reach a climax to end the track and the album.
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