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Review by Gary Hill

This band was formed by former Opeth drummer Martin Lopez after he left that band. They have an intriguing sound that has some definite progressive and art rock leanings. Yet, they still manage to come across overall as a modern metal act. Their sound is often moody and dark, but there are lighter passages and pieces. All in all, this is quite an effective album that should appeal to more open minded metal heads and prog fans.

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Track by Track Review
They waste no time here. This fires out with fury and style. It's hard-edged and fast paced. Yet, it still manages to show off some melodic elements. There are drop backs to mellower, but dramatic, sections, too. It even gets balladic at points.
If anything this is meaner. There are some cool hooks in the mix, leaning toward modern prog, but it also has plenty of meaty metal riffing built into it. There is also a mellower section in this one.
Powering in fierce, this drops to more of a stripped back arrangement for the vocals. This has some modern alternative rock sound in the mix. It makes good use of the dynamics between mellower and more rocking parts.
This is another driving, fierce, modern metal number. It's a classy cut.
Hollowed (feat. Elisa)
With a vocal duet, this is more of an epic metal power ballad. It's also a great bit of variety and a particularly strong piece of music. It gets quite powerful before it's over.
The title track has a real power metal sound. The hooks are very effective. The song has some especially powerful musical passages. At times it leans toward the prog side of things, while at other points it's more pure metal. There is a mellower dropped back section on the number, too. It also drops down to mellow stuff at the end.
Here we get another driving metal number. This is more on the modern side of the equation. There is a clean guitar based, mellower section built into this one. It's not a paradigm shift by any means, but it's another strong tune on a disc full of effective music.
This focuses more on the mellower side at first. As it grows out to more rocking, it's still melodic, and less metal. There is both alternative rock and modern prog as the main concepts here.
We're back into fierce, driving territory here. Again, there are no molds broken on this, but it's certainly a powerhouse. There is a mellower section on this, too, but a lot of the song is particularly intense.
Starting with piano, the vocals come in with an almost soulful ballad vibe over the top of that. It does power up and gets some metal crunch, but overall this is more of a power ballad with a soulful angle to it. It is also on the proggy end of the spectrum. While it's a change, and a little atypical of the album, it's also very evocative and a cool way to end it. Speaking of endings, piano takes it by itself to actually end this track.
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