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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Red Hot Shame

My Satellite

Review by Gary Hill

This is quite an interesting release. It covers a good amount of territory musically. I was tempted to put it under progressive rock, but ultimately I felt that while some tracks do have proggy things, and there are definite space rock leanings at points, overall it's not progressive rock. This does seem to be a concept album about space travel, and it's quite an intriguing one at that.

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Track by Track Review
This comes in with a cool psychedelic meets modern prog vibe. It has some non-lyrical vocals, but remains instrumental beyond that. This makes me think of Jellyfish to some degree.
Mission control voices are heard as an introduction here. The track fires out from there is more of an alternative rocker. This is energetic and fun.
My Satellite
The title track has a crunchy, edgy vibe to it along with some tasty alternative rock grooves. It's a catchy and entertaining piece.
The Only Star
Alternative rock and power-pop seem to merge on this track. It has some definite Beatles-like elements. There are also some psychedelic parts that lean toward prog. This is an intriguing tune that's one of my favorites on this album.
Part of this are mellower with definite prog and psychedelic leanings. It is slower, and it's also based on alternative rock. It does rock out more at times, but that more sedate concept is the main focus. There are some effects and radio chatter type things over the top at times. This is another highlight of the disc.
My Shuttle
I can hear some definite Americana leanings on this song. That joins both psychedelia and alternative rock to make up the concepts behind this.
Harder rock and crunchy, this is more of mainstream pop rocker. I can make out some power-pop and alternative rock in the mix, though. The instrumental section calls to mind space rock to some degree.
This rocker has a lot of style and charm. It's fairly complex, and yet also catchy.
I really love the guitar sound on this track. It has a very classic rock kind of sound. The whole tune feels like a modern alternative rake on 70s rock.
Come On, Rocket
There is plenty of folk rock in the mix here. There are also some space rock vibes. This even includes some harmonica, though. It's an unusual and entertaining track.
Little Moon
A mellower, and yet still trippy, tune, this has quite bit of psychedelia and space rock in the mix. I'm reminded a little of early Bowie on this one. It really makes for a satisfying conclusion to the album.
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