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Various Artists

Motörhead, Lemmy & Larry Wallis - The Boys Of Ladbroke Grove

Review by Gary Hill

This is actually being distributed under the somewhat confusing moniker of Motörhead, Lemmy & Larry Wallis. While all of those artists are included here, it's not the sort of group collaboration that that would imply. Instead, I'd say that this is a various artists collection, with those artists featured prominently. There is also a song from Pink Fairies and some from The Head Cat. While that second one includes Lemmy, none of the three artists listed are on the Pink Fairies song. So, outside of that odd attribution, this is quite a strong album. There is a good variety of material, but it's largely fitting with the kind of thing one expects from Lemmy and Motörhead. The Larry Wallis tunes tend to bring some different angles, though. All in all, as long as you know what you are getting, I recommend this.

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Track by Track Review
Lemmy & The Upsetters – Paradise (The Brains Mix)
There is a Motörhead kind of sound here along with some hints of country music. Yes, it's a weird combo, but it works. This is a fun romp. The guitar solo has a real rockabilly angle to it.
Motörhead – Keep Us On The Road (The Brains Mix)
This thing is absolutely on fire. It's a smoking hot bit of Motörhead rock and roll.
Larry Wallis – Police Car
There is a mainstream rock meets punk vibe to this tune. It's energized and has a classic groove to it.
Pink Fairies – Lone Wolf
While the vocals don't fit that definition, this definitely feels a lot like a Motörhead song. It's high energy and seriously rocking. The bass almost sounds like Lemmy, but it's actually Alan Davey, and he studied Lemmy's playing when he was learning his craft.
Lemmy – Shout It Out Loud
Yes, this is Lemmy covering Kiss. It sounds pretty much exactly like you'd expect it to sound, like Motörhead meets Kiss. The guitar solo on this thing is absolutely on fire.
Larry Wallis – Crying All Night
More of a mainstream hard rocker with some hints of punk, this works, but it's not one of my favorites here.
The Head Cat – Good Rockin’ Tonight (Alt Take)
This old school rock and roller has Lemmy belting out the vocals. It's also got some killer modern takes on retro guitar soloing. It's a lot of fun.
Motörhead – On Parole (The Brains Mix)
Here we have a straight-ahead, almost punky rocker from Motörhead. There are definitely some old-school rock and roll things at play here.
Lemmy – Twist & Shout
There are some suitable backing female vocals. This has both Motörhead and mainstream rock and roll things at play.
Larry Wallis – Leather Forever (The Brains Mix)
High energy and punky, this is a solid tune, but not a highlight for me.
Lemmy & The Upsetters – Blue Suede Shoes
Lemmy and crew put in a scorching hot version of this old-school rock and roller. It definitely feels a lot like Motörhead.
Larry Wallis – I Think It’s Coming Back Again
This has rocking tune really delivers. It's packed full of energy and feels like Motörhead other than the vocals.
Larry Wallis – Old Enough to Know Better
Fierce and driving, this has a lot of energy to it. It's more of a mainstream rock song, but with some metallic angles at play.
The Head Cat – Stuck On You
A more acoustic based old-time rock and roller, this is great stuff. I love the sound mix and just about everything about this song.
Bonus Tracks:
Larry Willis - Dead Man Riding (The Brains Mix)

I love the old-school rockabilly turned hard rocker vibe of this track. It's has a real spooky vibe, too. This is one of my favorite tracks here. Everything about this just screams "creepy cool."

Larry Willis - Leather Forever (2023 Mix)
Seriously hard rocking and energized, this has a real punky edge to it.
Larry Wallis - Seeing Double (2023 Mix)
For some reason this makes me think of something Ace Frehley might do. It's a hard rocking number with a lot of style and class built into it.
Larry Wallis - I Can't See What It's Got To Do With Me (2023 Mix)
Fierce and edgy, this has both metal and punk angles at play to some degree. I can make out more of that Frehley thing, too.
Larry Wallis - Are We Having Fun Yet? (2023 Mix)
The music on this has new wave and almost proggy elements at play, but the vocals are more along the lines of punk rock. This is a solid tune, but not up to the level of the last few.
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