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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Lost in the Future

Review by Gary Hill

To some degree you know what you will get with Zanov. The music is always electronic keyboard stuff along the lines of Synergy, Vangelis, Kraftwerk and others. Still, there is variety from song to song and album to album. In fact, I think of the three discs I've heard from Zanov, I might like this one the best. I always include this kind of instrumental keyboard stuff under progressive rock, but it's not traditional prog, but certainly in line with music that's generally listed as prog adjacent, at least.

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Track by Track Review
Quantum World
Cool synthesizer sounds bring this in. Elements that seem computer-related are heard. This dances around with an almost Synergy meets Kraftwerk vibe. It grows outward from there with a lot of style and charm and a little bit of mystery, feeling a bit more "song-like." This works through a number of shifts and changes as it continues to evolve.
Conscious Machines
While not a big change, this is less dynamic than the opener. The Synergy reference point is valid, but I don't really hear any Kraftwerk in this. Some of the whooshing keyboards make me think of Hawkwind a little, though.
Brain to Brain
While still fully electronic, somehow this feels a little more organic. There are some decidedly pretty and melodic musical passages. This is a somewhat more settled and enchanting piece.
Extended Life
I dig the spacey sort of vibe on this. It's a slow moving and mellower piece that's also quite effective. The track feels like it would be at home in the soundtrack to a science fiction film.
Living with Robots
There is a cool growing element on this. There is also plenty of space music in the mix. This has a real sense of beauty and emotion to it, too.
Interstellar Travel
I really dig the electronic spacey sounds of this cut. It's another winner. Given the title, it's appropriate that this is probably the spaciest thing here.
Time Manipulation
More of a rocking groove is on the menu here. Still, it's not any kind of big departure from this electronic keyboard based music.
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