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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Cecilie Strange


Review by Gary Hill

Cecilie Strange's music is probably more pure jazz than fits under progressive rock, via jazz rock or fusion. That said, I think it's artistic and creative enough to warrant putting it there. Much of this music is instrumental, but there are a couple tracks with vocals. Everything here is quite effective. This is a beautiful collection of music that has classical, jazz, world music and art leanings built into it.

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Track by Track Review
The Alices of my Life
Piano and percussion get us going here. This grows gradually as a classy piece of jazzy music. It never gets really rocking, but it does get more volume. Various instruments shine at various times. I really dig the part where the bass comes up in the mix. While this is a straight ride, it has some good dynamic range.
Byssan Lull
Another that begins with piano, this grows very slowly. While the previous number was instrumental, this has vocals. It remains mellower, though. I'm reminded a little of Clannad or Enya for some reason here. It gets quite jazzy as it continues to evolve. At nearly ten-minutes long, this is the epic of the set. It includes jazz, art music, classical and world sounds all rolled into one.
Where my heart lives
This time the saxophone starts it off. Other instruments join in a slowly evolving arrangement.
Midnight Sun upon Saltværsøya
More of a slow jazz groove is in control on this. There is a definite blues vibe at play. This is pretty, melodic and so classy. It's less artsy and more pure jazz, though.
New Life
This is another song that includes vocals. It's a slow jazzy number with some cool creative angles at play.
The Great Grand
I dig the bass driven arrangement as this gets underway. The track is another winner on a disc full of great music.
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