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Metal/Prog Metal Concert Reviews

Lamb of God

Live at Ozzfest, 2004, Alpine Valley, WI

Review by Mike Korn

Lamb of God's status as one of the hottest rising metal acts was confirmed when they snagged a prime spot on Ozzfest's second stage this year, sharing the prestigious "non-rotating" slot with Hatebreed and Slipknot. And in fact, the crowd reaction to these guys seemed to justify that placement. In a lot of ways, Lamb reminds me of Pantera about 12 years ago. Only these guys seem more focused, thrashier and a bit more extreme.
Poor guitar sound plagued their opening number, as lack of amplification really killed the precise riffing and aggression. This was mostly made up for by the enthusiasm of frontman Randall Blythe. Again, I hate to invoke Pantera, but Blythe has a lot of the raw "everyman" charisma of Phil Anselmo. That is, before substances clouded Phil's brain and unleashed his tongue, which any fan of Superjoint Ritual can now attest to.

Gary Hill
Gary Hill
Gary Hill
The guitar sound improved as the set went on (though it never really gained full force) and one could better appreciate the precision of the playing. These guys are definitely not into simple-minded riff-mongering and groove metal, but instead mix old school thrash, Pantera style bashing and the more sophisticated approach of modern metalcore into a crowd-pleasing, brain-rattling melange. I was highly impressed by their new track "Laid to Rest" with its combo of catchiness and drive and apparently so was the crowd. The band wrapped up with a pounding "Black Label" to send the moshers into a frenzy Though not without some youthful flaws, Lamb of God is certainly a name to watch in the future.

Gary Hill
Arnold Hablewitz
Arnold Hablewitz
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