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Progressive Rock Concert Reviews

Star People

Live In Milwaukee 2000

Review by Gary Hill

How many of us can say that we have seen extraterrestrials perform live music?
Well, having seen many progressive rock musicians out there, considering the playing abilities involved one might think they are from another world. Star People are the real deal, though. This group are visitors to our world, indeed our dimension, from the 11th dimension place called “Kronos”. Those in the audience at this show got a double whammy alien wise, though, as two Klingons (members of the Klingon Armada International) presented the band onstage with an official welcome to the 3rd dimension. The duo also introduced the band. Beyond the novelty of seeing extraterrestrials perform one might ask, “how were Star People live?”

Gary Hill
Gary Hill
Well, having heard, and enjoyed, both of their CD’s, I expected to enjoy the live show. I just didn’t know that I would like the band THIS much. Sure, they’re weird, but aren’t all aliens? In fact, we’re probably weird to them. Star People are so much more than just weird. For one thing, they are great fun. For another each member of Star People are great musicians, and it shows. Lorenza Ponce particularly grabbed the attention of the audience with her stellar violin work and soaring vocals. This is not to say that the rest of the band are slouches, because all put in very exceptional musical performances. In fact, the group made their way through fast paced changes and odd arrangements with apparent ease.

Gary Hill
Gary Hill
Star People’s unique blend of sounds seems to combine good old fashioned prog leanings with B52’s oriented lyrics and “Rat Pack” type sections. This combination really comes off surprisingly well in live performance. They are definitely a band you should try to see. After all, they came a very long way to perform for us, the least we can do is listen and enjoy.

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Gary Hill
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