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Metal/Prog Metal Concert Reviews

Mötley Crüe

Live in Rockford, IL, February 2009

Review by Josh Turner

These guys aren’t musicians. They’re rock stars. So let’s get that straight.

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If you’re comfortable around the console and have seen them in the flesh, you’d realize that Mick Mars is the poster boy for Playstation’s “Guitar Hero.” To see them live is less about a show and more about a party. In other words, it’s an interactive experience where hosts acknowledge all the pretty girls and frequently mingle amongst guests. 

Gary Hill
Gary Hill
On the downside, every one of their songs sounds virtually the same. For that reason, their revelry would have gotten old if not for one thing. The lightshow was utterly amazing. Out of dozens of concerts that have come before, this particular illumination reached new heights. Between sprite fireworks and awesome strobes, eyes remained wide open into the wee hours of the night. And for those who can distinguish between each famous ditty, you’ll be happy to know that they played the usual suspects from “Shout at the Devil” to “Home Sweet Home.” Particularly, “Same Old Situation” was unsullied after all these years.

Gary Hill
Gary Hill
On top of cherished familiarity, songs from the new album, Saints of Los Angeles, were played as well. Plus, we received a very special cover. They’re so respected within the community – and by this I mean Rockford, Illinois - that resident guitarist, Rick Nielson from Cheap Trick, entered stage left to play “Jailhouse Rock” with these professional partygoers. Even more precious than a deferent toast to Elvis was their encore. It started after a grand piano was wheeled into the auditorium under the veil of darkness. Upon sunup, Tommy Lee crowed and then instantly started playing the ivories with a spotlight overhead.

Gary Hill
Gary Hill
The people asked for more and to be honest, it was easy to overstay your welcome. This show was to the brim and good till the last drop. It was almost hard to leave, but alas they threw in the towel. Mötley Crüe’s members joke about being bad boys who are full of themselves. In the end, they prove to be serious musicians after all with the talent to back their naughty theatrics.

Gary Hill
Gary Hill
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