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More Protection

Review by Gary Hill

This is one of those albums where I’m sure people will disagree with it landing under progressive rock. The thing is, if you think modern Radiohead or Porcupine Tree are prog, then this is prog. A lot of it lands pretty close to the territory occupied by those acts. Still other music here leans even more into progressive rock like modern King Crimson. No matter how you categorize this, though, it’s quite an entertaining set and I like it a lot.

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Track by Track Review
Spider Love

The rhythm section dominates the early sections here. There is almost a punk rock vibe. As the arrangement gets more layers added later, though, it’s almost like DEVO meets modern King Crimson. This is cool stuff.        

More Protection
There is a bouncy, psychedelic rock kind of vibe. This is very much like proto-prog and it’s very cool. Sure, there is a modern edge here, but this is really quite retro in a lot of ways.            
This is very cool. It’s alternative rock laden, but still quite proggy in a weird way. There is funk and a lot more in the mix.
Surface Tension
All questions about whether or not this is progressive rock should be removed by this song. It is a moody number that’s lush and powerful. There are dramatic shifts and changes. At times this makes me think of Pink Floyd just a little. Still a more prevailing element at times is moody psychedelia. However you label this, though, it’s some awesome music. This is probably my favorite piece here. I could listen to it over and over again.   
Statue of Limitation
Although not as mellow as the previous piece, psychedelia and progressive rock are the predominant elements here. This is great stuff, but I think I prefer “Surface Tension” just because of the mood.
Violet Revolutionary II
What a cool tune this is. It has elements of modern King Crimson. It’s also got a lot of psychedelia and even some Beatles-like sound. It’s unique and also very intriguing. It’s another standout of the set and makes good use of some backwards tracked instrumentation.
What the Frack
Bouncy alternative rock combines with Primus and King Crimson here. There are some interesting symphonic rock elements in the mix. This is a cool rocker and still has some psychedelia built into it.
Tomorrow's Hero
This is more of a pure combination of psychedelic rock and modern alternative stuff. Still, there are prog elements at play at times.     
You Can't Go Back
I like this a lot, too. It’s bouncy psychedelic rock, but there is enough creative modern prog in the mix to keep it interesting. The melodies are catchy, but also a little left of center. This is weird, but very cool, too.
Rear View Mirror
Although this is definitely more minimalist and electronic in nature, it still manages to rock out and have some catchy hooks.

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